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"All The King's Horses"
The damning silence dragged on for too long while the weight of Yugi’s infraction hung in the air. He stayed where he had collapsed on his aching knees, not daring to look up. He would have groveled if he had not become so paralyzed by fear and the King’s gaze on his shoulders. “You are peculiarly small,” the Pharaoh finally spoke—a tremor through Yugi’s feeble heart. He had never imagined what the man might sound like, but somehow his voice alone was more than Ryou’s description could have ever conveyed. It was was rich but not rough. Like a strong current pulling under a smooth river.

Yugi continued to stare down into the stones of the path while tears pricked at the corner of his vision. The silence had returned, interrupted only by a river bird crooning in the distance and the trickle of running water in the garden while Yugi awaited his punishment. Eventually he made the terrible realization that the King was waiting for a response to his strange comment. “I suppose so, Your Highness,” Yugi finally whispered through his trembling lips.
Fandom:Yugioh  Pairing:Yuugi/Yami  Pairing:Bakura/Ryou  AlternateUniverse  AncientEgypt  Multichapter  Incomplete 
yesterday by Xenjn
"Within The Catecombs"
Yugi's second Archaeological dig doesn't go quite as planned.
Fandom:Yugioh  Pairing:Yuugi/Yami  Multichapter  Incomplete  AlternateUniverse 
yesterday by Xenjn
Hold On
At the end of SA2, Shadow uses Chaos Control one last time to save himself from falling...but he ends up in a different world, and face-to-face with a different Sonic.
fanfiction  Sonic  Sonic/Shadow  author:Skyblaze  SA2  SatAM  canon_divergence  AU  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional_hurt/comfort  parallel_universes  word_count:30-40k  incomplete   
4 days ago by lostinreverie
Turning Time – Chapter Four – The Wild Hare Project
Our brave adventurers go back in time to prevent the Ori from destroying Earth and taking over the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Replicators from destroying Atlantis, the only hope of saving the Pegasus Galaxy from the Wraith.
incomplete  timetravel  f:sga  p:rodney/john 
4 weeks ago by miss_speller
Camp it Up - rivers_bend - My Chemical Romance
The one where Frank doesn't want to go to music camp, Gerard's an art counselor, and teenage libidos find marshmallows pornographic.
rated.t  host:ao3  incomplete  =rivers_bend  "<5k  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *romance  +fluff  +humor  &  &student/teacher  !*** 
6 weeks ago by LadyLame
Bracelets & Beads - KateMonster - My Chemical Romance
Personal Bandom WIP Amnesty 2016:

Summer of Like Pete/Gerard/Mikey relationship. Gerard sometimes feels like Pete fills spaces that are already occupied. Maybe he doesn't mind very much.
host:ao3  rated.m  =KateMonster  "<5k  #mcr  #fob  %gerard/mikey  %gerard/mikey/pete  *romance  incomplete  *vignette 
6 weeks ago by LadyLame
Harden Your Heart Against the Night - Ciridae - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Returning to Hogwarts slightly more learned but not quite civilized the trio face enemies, friends and problems new and old.
f:hp  slytherin!harry  canon.rewrite  incomplete  rituals  magic 
11 weeks ago by miss_speller
The Black Resurgence - alexmurray - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Arcturus Black, Head of the Black Family, manages to free Sirius after only two years in prison. Free, though still believed to be a Death Eater by the public, Sirius raises Harry. As he deals with the aftermath of the war and Azkaban, Sirius begins re-evaluating his world view. He ran away from the pureblood world he was born into, believing it to be evil and wrong. But was it? Was Voldemort really fighting for pureblood supremacy? Or was he simply and evil mad man? Is Dumbledore truly good? Or a manipulative, power hungry man trying to shape the wizarding world to his desires?
incomplete  rituals  traditions  f:hp  politics  adoption  c:sirius  magic  gen  au  canon.divergent 
february 2019 by miss_speller
fadagaski: Max-Cheedo bodyswap
Incomplete but well-written, with cool ideas about Max's dysphoria both physically and in combat, and his lack of ghosts.
fic  madmax  gen  bodyswap  action/adventure  incomplete  <10K  +2015-10 
february 2019 by spatz
foolishgames: Those That Make It and Those That Break it
Years later, a weary Max returns to the Citadel to find it transformed into a thriving community, benevolent and generous to strange drifters, a place he can finally, maybe, rest. But this friendly desert community is hiding a dark secret, and Max will need to decide whether he's willing to risk his peaceful new life and anonymity in the name of justice.

A post-apocalyptic police procedural with a side of mutually baffling romance.

Incomplete, but I love Max's POV and the post-Joe Citadel worldbuilding so much.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  postcanon  casefile  incomplete  <15K  +2018-04 
december 2018 by spatz
Amends, or Truth and Reconciliation Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Post-DH, Hermione confronts the post-war world, including the wizarding War Crimes Trials of 1999, rogue Dementors, werewolf packs, and Ministry intrigue. All is not well, and this is nothing new.
fic:hp  pairing:misc  words:150k+  incomplete  toread 
december 2018 by Emi226
Chance Meeting - Z_A - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Barry's Curse of the Klutz© seems to have left quite the impression on Professor Snart
21k  barry/len  au  teacher/student  incomplete 
november 2018 by katereis
Metaworld Chronicles | Royal Road
More wuxia, but this time based on D&D 5E. Characters are flat, as usual, and no more than the sum of their parts, but it sure is an interesting, though skewed, porthole into Chinese academics and social life.
fiction  reading  incomplete  story  fantasy 
october 2018 by dogrover
Fallout Chapter 1, a 100 fanfic | FanFiction
110,000. Maia Farrin was a thief the Ark didn't think they'd ever catch, until her boyfriend turned her in. When Maia has the chance to go to Earth, she thinks she has the chance to start over. Instead, she finds the ghost of the past she hoped to leave behind.
ocfic  Unread  the100  bellamy/ofc  <200000  incomplete 
september 2018 by kalika89

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