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october 2018 by stealingsand
Can Fonts Really Help Those With Dyslexia? | | Eye on Design
As a child, a cat always became a bat. My name was not Maddy but Mubby. Stranger still, a dog would often take the shape of a bog. My German mother would sit me at the kitchen table and tell me to read aloud from a German book; although I was fluent in the language and loved stories, the exercise was painfully boring
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september 2018 by vloux
Inclusion Doesn’t Stop at Accessibility | Adobe Blog
To talk about inclusion is to begin a sentence in the middle. The word 'inclusion' is a response to the observation that exclusion is happening. Inclusion is a great and ...
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may 2018 by vloux
Welcome to Infusion: a documentation builder for inclusive designers and those trying to be inclusive designers. These are Infusion’s docs, but they are also an example of a site built with Infusion. Here are some of its features:
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october 2017 by vloux

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