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Why Google's Deep Dream Is Future Kitsch
Deep Dream estranges us from our fears, perhaps, but it doesn't make them go away. It's easy to discuss Deep Dream as an independent creature, a foreign intelligence that we interact with for fun. Yet like all kitsch, it comes straight back to its creators.
kitsch  deep-dream  art  graphics  google  inceptionism 
july 2015 by jm
Inspired by Google's recent Inceptionism blog post, cnn-vis is an open-source tool that lets you use convolutional neural networks to generate images.
convnet  libs  inceptionism  image-generation 
july 2015 by arsyed
Jason Yosinski
Jason Yosinski's tool for live visualization of convnet activations, and optimized images. Also a good blog post with explanations of various papers in this area of CNN visualization, including Google's "inceptionism" images.
deep  learning  visualization  deconvolution  inception  inceptionism 
july 2015 by mkg

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