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the law is reason, free from passion
Arthur believes, strongly, in professionalism. Sadly, Agent Eames, FBI, does not share this belief.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
18 hours ago by allieyy
we're the heirs to the glimmering world
"You're an investment banker," Eames tells him. "You're very good. You keep me in the style I'm accustomed to, and we are charmingly co-habitating."

Arthur pauses and tries to take that in.

"Is there a reason why I'm your imaginary boyfriend?" Arthur asks.
fic  inception  eames/arthur 
yesterday by allieyy
Fire In Your New Shoes - Eustacia Vye (eustaciavye) - Inception (2010), Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur Campbell never approved of his Winchester cousins using demonic help to take down other demons. When other hunters are killed while helping them stop Lucifer, he calls on supernatural aid of his own to help them.

Inception AU fusion with Supernatural. This is also an AU of Supernatural, diverging from canon in season five and begins in November 2009.
For the prompt Arthur Campbell was born and raised as a hunter, since hunting is the ‘family business’. He ran for his life for years, since all relatives of Mary Campbell were persecuted and killed, so he doesn't know much about Sam and Dean except they are family.
inception  supernatural  ariadne/arthur  arthur/eames  arthur/eames/ariadne  epic  crossover 
yesterday by silkyluster
Pagina Uno
Arthur is a librarian, Eames is the patron with the highest fines in the library's history.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
3 days ago by allieyy
The Agile Inception Deck | The Agile Warrior
Download Blank Inception Deck One area most agile methods are completely silent on is project chartering. Below is a lightweight you can use to fill this gap and get your project headed in the right direction long before the first line of code every gets written. 10 questions to ask at the start of your…
agile  inception 
3 days ago by jason.s.s.chin
And Am I Born to Die - grizzly_bear_bane - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is the prissy son of a rich family who cut him off when he fell in love with Eames, a British soldier, while on a study abroad program to England.

Eames loses his legs and an arm in Iraq. His family is done hoping that Arthur will show up any time soon. (triggers listed in the story's tag)
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
3 days ago by allieyy
Lap It Up - alpha-minded and other dimensional
in which an underage arthur seduces eames by convincing him he's a uni student. w. o. w.
arthur/eames  au  inception  underage  scorching  fic 
3 days ago by ambitious
you're the sugar to my high
A bakery AU.

In which life and love are never so simple as making a perfect croissant.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
4 days ago by allieyy
never so safe as I am with you
Arthur has better subconscious security than anyone in the world. It’s notoriously impossible to steal a secret from him. Unless, of course, you’re Eames.
fic  inception  eames/arthur  post-canon 
4 days ago by allieyy
Occupational Hazard
In which Eames writes (sometimes horrible) horoscopes to woo Arthur, much to the chagrin of everyone (read: Dom), and manages to even mess that up. Go figure.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
5 days ago by allieyy
White Picket Fences
Dom Cobb is a terrible friend and has no idea not only Arthur and Eames are married, but they've had three children together. He finds out the truth when he's recruited for a dodgy job and inadvertently brings trouble to their doorstep.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur  a/b/o  kidfic 
7 days ago by allieyy
Still I'm Begging to Be Free
Grantaire is dreaming and won't wake, and it's up to Enjolras and the rest of Les Amis to find a way to bring him back. (Inception AU.)
fanfiction  slash  enjolras/grantaire  oneshot  10k-20k  rated:pg-13  au:diff-verse  inception  loc:ao3 
9 days ago by adelikal
A Little Foolishness and a Lot of Curiosity by eleveninches
Inception, Eames/Arthur. Everyone in dreamshare is a pretentious, failed academic, Eames included. He's intrigued by Arthur's opaqueness and leaps to the wrong conclusions. His attempts at seduction bomb accordingly. // LOL. Why hadn't I read this one? Pretty charming. Not really a spoiler because the fic provides the evidence from the start, but Eames's POV ignores the obvious: Arthur's not ~deep, he's just a gay bro who likes swank threads, trashy media, and shooting things. Really sweet HEA.
fanfic  Inception  slash  pair:Arthur/Eames  ref:precanon  ref:postcanon  ref:humor  ref:unreliable-narrator  ref:pining  ref:poshness  ref:academia  ref:first-time  au:eleveninches  fandom:Inception 
9 days ago by zhena
Black Water
At the second level, with Dom screaming right into his face, something inside Arthur goes calm and still as he thinks, I don't have to do shit for you. (Or, How Arthur Got His Groove Back, While Eames Never Lost His.)
fic  inception  eames/arthur  post-canon 
10 days ago by allieyy

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