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Quand Morandini ne commente pas les infos sur Morandini sur le site Morandini
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4 days ago by bperrier
OH&S - Fahye - Inception [Archive of Our Own]
It's always the most experienced dreamers who get blasé about the process and start falling into bad habits.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about IV access and lots of things you didn't. This fic is a direct result of my medical degree, up to and including the fact that the majority of what Yusuf says about neural sleep-state transitions is perfectly scientifically true. Including the word 'endosomnogen', which I didn't invent, but kind of wish I had.
Inception  :) 
5 days ago by zing_och
Autoimmunity - Fahye - Inception [Archive of Our Own]
He can always find his true face in mirrors, if he looks hard enough, no matter how many layers deep he goes.
Inception  gen 
5 days ago by zing_och
Elevator Pitch Template
For [target customer] • who [needs X] • the [product name] is a [product category] • that [key benefit] • Unlike [primary competitor], our product [statement of differentiation]
agile  inception 
6 days ago by suhlig
No.7 - Dev Inception - Pivotal Labs Design
No.7 - Dev Inception Now it is time for the Development Inception. We ask for the entire team to be present so we can extract all of their knowledge and get everyone on the same page. Ideally, this
agile  inception 
6 days ago by suhlig
Inception: Knowing what to build and where you should start | Pivotal P.O.V.
We start every project with Inception, a discovery exercise that sets the scene for a project and produces an initial backlog.
inception  agile 
6 days ago by suhlig
All the Rules to Break
A notorious serial killer returns after a three-year hiatus, reminding Detective Arthur Moss of the infamous case he couldn't close. But when the FBI becomes involved, Arthur is forced to work side-by-side once again with Special Agent Daniel Eames, a man who knows Arthur better than Arthur himself will ever admit. Both men must confront their past and heal old wounds in order to bring a psychopath to justice.
arthur/eames  au  inception  unread 
13 days ago by bathsweaver
Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry
A high school AU wherein Eames is a shy sweet nervous drama geek and Arthur is the confident popular gorgeous student council president; and lo, there is much pining and awkwardness and, eventually, kissing.
arthur/eames  au  inception  school!fic 
13 days ago by bathsweaver
inception_kink: Prompt Post No. 8
Really, really hurty Mysterious Skin/Inception fusion that works gorgeously but hurts like a bitch at the same time. Warning for mentions of canonical rape and child abuse and molestation.
arthur/eames  inception  commentfic  mysteriousskin  inception/mysteriousskin  via:hapakitsune 
14 days ago by MeredithGrey
The Manor House - Fahye - Inception [Archive of Our Own]
"The aims of this session are twofold," Arthur lies. [fic & art collab with inknose]
Inception  fic  fahye  favorite 
18 days ago by zing_och
The Kind You Could Sing - foxxcub - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames turns to him during a simple blueprint discussion and says casually, “You settled late, didn’t you?”

Or, an Inception/His Dark Materials fusion fic.
Inception  Arthur/Eames  His-Dark-Materials-Fusion  4.3 
19 days ago by maggie_owl
Presque Vu - rageprufrock - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur meets Mal because she's his TA, and so exquisitely French and chic that Arthur feels vaguely like he should be cowering away from her like the rest of the people in his morning drafting course. Except he loves the fishtail cuts of her pencil skirts, the coy flirtation in them, and the sensible, dark jeans and blue-and-white striped shirts that stretch over her pale and lovely collarbones, the way she wears pearls and vividly red lipsticks and how she smells: like honey and vanilla and very fine poplin.

One day, during a work session, she makes an admiring noise over his pocket square, and Arthur allows himself to tell her the vintage kitten heels she's wearing are beautiful, and they're off."

Pre-canon, fits beautifully.
inception  arthur/eames  50-100K 
25 days ago by readerpants
All Is Violent, All Is Bright by lezzerlee [Archive of Our Own]
Apocalypse AU / a.k.a bb!Survival / a.k.a. cockblockalypse!

In post-apocalyptical Vancouver, young Arthur learns how to survive ... with Eames.
25k-30k  apocalypse  au  arthur/eames  inception  a.lezzerlee  meh  unfinished 
27 days ago by pastself
the way you move is like a full on rainstorm (and I'm a house of cards)
Arthur is a rising pop star. Eames is his backup dancer. Ariadne runs his social media. Mal tries to run his life.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  band/rockstar  fluff  must_read 
27 days ago by kai357
I Turn My Camera On by lezzerlee [Archive of Our Own]
In Arthur's spare time he shaves himself smooth and dresses up in panties, garters and stockings and does live cam shows. One evening, Eames stumbles on one of his shows and realizes who he's jerking off to...
7k+  panties-kink  crossdressing  arthur/eames  a.lezzerlee  2016-05  inception 
27 days ago by pastself
Arthur runs a tea shop that does custom blends on the fly. Eames designs knitwear. This is how they meet.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  fluff  Chefs/Waiters/Bartenders  coffee_shops 
27 days ago by kai357

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