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Not Dreaming Now
A missing scene. Ariadne asks a question, Arthur doesn't really answer.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  fluff 
yesterday by kai357
Baby, You're a Firework
kink meme prompt: Arthur's been struggling against his attraction to Eames because Eames turns him on too much; he comes too soon and it humiliates him. Eames figures it out and teaches him control. I apologize for the hack job on the Queen's English. And let's be honest, also American English.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  smut  fluff  Kink 
3 days ago by kai357
dream a dream (and what you see will be)
Eames has always said Arthur has no imagination and should dream a little bigger. The problem is, Arthur's dreams might be the most dangerous place to be on the planet. And when their latest job forces them to recreate Fantasia, and Arthur's secret past unravels alongside it, Cobb's team might be about to find the answer to the Neverending Story...
Inception  Inception:Arthur  Inception:Ariadne  inception:dom  Pairing:Arthur/Eames  trope::Dreams  trope::multiplepersonalities  trope::Addiction  Trope::Neglect  Genre::Romance  Genre::Action/Adventure  Genre::Angst  Genre::Horror  Fic::Longfic  xovers  neverendingstory  Rating::M 
4 days ago by solaningo
Of Such Deceitfulness and Suavity
In which emotions manifest themselves in unusual ways.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  crack  Kitten 
4 days ago by kai357
Frankie Says (Get Your Shit Together, You Emotionally Constipated Jackass)
Eames learns that Arthur knows how to say Slurpee in French... among other things.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  funny 
4 days ago by kai357
Warm Water
Arthur and Eames find their escape hindered by a flood.
Inception  Eames/Arthur 
4 days ago by kai357
the law is reason, free from passion
Arthur believes, strongly, in professionalism. Sadly, Agent Eames, FBI, does not share this belief.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  Detectives/Agents  au  angst_with_happy_ending  must_read 
4 days ago by kai357
The Bar Set-Up
Mal set Arthur up to meet the lovely bartender that often served her. He should have been mad at her but he found it hard to be.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  Chefs/Waiters/Bartenders  smut  fluff 
4 days ago by kai357
I bet Nureyev never had to deal with this shit
Modern-day AU. Arthur is a ballet dancer recovering from a serious injury, and is lucky enough to land the role of Oberon in Dom Cobb's reimagining of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
arthur/eames  inception  cobweb_diamond  slash 
5 days ago by arrghigiveup
Nice Forearms
Eames has a gigantic cock. Arthur enjoys it.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  smut 
5 days ago by kai357
Cognitive Dissonance
Pre-canon. Military dreamshare is gone, civilian dreamshare is back, and Eames is out of the business entirely. At least, he is until Arthur pulls him back in. A story about trust, no-strings attached sex, and keeping your secrets in plain sight.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  must_read 
5 days ago by kai357
Taking Flight
Arthur had Impressed a bronze dragon at Hatching and Eames a green. They had different lives now. And if Eames chose for whatever reason not to pursue him as a bedmate, well, that was his right.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  crossover  Dragon 
5 days ago by kai357
The Space Between
“And then you disappeared. For 10 years, Eames. All I needed was one phone call. A text message, a fucking postcard. Just something to let me know you were alive! I thought you were dead!”
Inception  Eames/Arthur  drugs  angst_with_happy_ending  smut  must_read 
6 days ago by kai357
Out of the gutter
Eames treats Arthur like a whore in bed, until the night Arthur's had a rough day and Eames decides that he needs taken care of instead.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  smut 
7 days ago by kai357
You Set Me On Fire (Moustache Ride)
Arthur and Eames have been dancing around each other for years, playing some sort of unspoken game. It finally comes to a head.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  smut  fluff 
7 days ago by kai357
inception faves
As much as I love Teen Wolf and the entire fandom at the moment, I also really miss Inception stories.
inception  arthur/eames  unread  recs 
9 days ago by bathsweaver
Thinking Ahead
Based on the prompt: Eames tops the hell out of Arthur and Arthur just takes it and takes it and the two of them banter/talk filthy to each other. And Eames has to be like, "Spread em'" at some point. Then he fucks Arthur with Arthur's leg slung over his shoulder like in the pic. Make it as filthy as you can manage. Originally posted HERE
Inception  Eames/Arthur 
9 days ago by kai357

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