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Fic: And Try To Keep It All The Year [2/2]: and_backagain
itle: And Try To Keep It All The Year
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames
Spoilers/Warnings: Christmas features incredibly heavily, which should probably be warned for if only because it might signpost this as Not Appealing To You!
Summary: Written for a prompt at inception_kink which, when condensed, is: Arthur hates Christmas, and with good reason. Eames very much does not. They meet, they fall head-over-heels, and Eames sets to work figuring out what exactly is going on here.
Inception  Pair_Arthur/Eames 
2 days ago by chocolate-alchemy
Inception fandom, how I love you.: bookshop
Inception recs , bc i didn't bookmark well in the middle of throwing an angry fit at and yahoo
Inception  rec_lists 
2 days ago by chocolate-alchemy
Two Steps Towards Make Believe - i made this.
Title: Two Steps Towards Make Believe
Author: ifeelbetter
Warning: Someone described this as "insomniac porn" on Delicious. This is because I too am one of the afflicted and I really do believe an Eames pillow would cure ANYONE.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Word Count: 3,525
Summary: Sleep has never come easily to Arthur. That's why he's so surprised that it comes easily when he's got his head on Eames's shoulder.
Inception  Pair_Arthur/Eames 
2 days ago by chocolate-alchemy
Warmer Places Inception : Arthur/Eames 5000 words PG-13 SEQUEL TO THE…: pyrimidine
Warmer Places
Inception: Arthur/Eames
5000 words

SEQUEL TO THE BOARDING SCHOOL AU. This probably makes more sense if you read that one first. Now with even more overblown angst and pining. That's just how I like it, y'all. I guess a good summary would be 'Arthur was a teenager, once. Probably'.
Inception  Pair_Arthur/Eames 
2 days ago by chocolate-alchemy
Das Vorbewusste: tornadobelt
Original prompt: Arthur likes boys, and Arthur likes girls. But the one thing that gets him hotter than anything else is intelligence. Suffice it to say: he doesn't think Eames is his type at all. But then something happens that puts the two of them alone in a brand-new setting, and Eames just switches on on a whole new level that Arthur's never seen before. (There are a million better fills in this thread, go and read them all!)
Summary: Eames navigates the preconscious world straight into Arthur's pants.
Inception  Pair_Arthur/Eames 
2 days ago by chocolate-alchemy
just shy of almost, not quite enough - kenopsia (indie) - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
“So. Explain this thing to me. About you and Yusuf.” Arthur says, his mouth at Eames' inner thigh.
(no threesomes in this fic)
Eames/Arthur  Inception 
2 days ago by Maski
Fics where Arthur and Eames meet online or have webcam shenanigans etc
Fics where Arthur and Eames meet online or through porn sites or some sort of internet webcam / chat service is involved:

Press New Game ...
inception  inception:tropes  from notes
3 days ago by bookshop
I bet he made a handy chart to explain this mess - youcantsaymylastname - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Mal's new protege has been keeping secrets about his life before dreamsharing.
Eames sits down with Mal in a cafe to discuss Arthur's strange reactions but is Eames ready to hear the truth about the mysterious pointman?

Part 1 of the Kraken aren't just monsters -- they're pointmen too series
fic  inception  -tentacles  pairing:arthur/eames  [1-5k 
4 days ago by shadowkeeper
Fic: I can help you change your life - My Atelier
Eames would have expected a world-renowned hypnotist to be remarkable.

But he's plain, almost mousy, with brown hair and an unassuming manner. Though Eames' opinion is the distinct minority if the starry-eyed way others react to Arthur is to be believed.
fic  inception  xxx  d/s  fandom:inception  bottom!eames 
7 days ago by zing_och
youcantsaymylastname - Inception (2010) - I bet he made a handy chart to explain this mess [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Arthur is a were-Kraken! Because I guess there are now multiple fics in this fandom where Arthur is a cephalopod and that's great :D also has adorable gif art for ♡
inception  inception:canon-AU  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur's-life-is-so-hard 
8 days ago by bookshop

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