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The Waking Years - weatherfront - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur and Eames are voted most likely to hook up by a dream-share magazine. They decide to test this, and then feelings happen.
arthur/eames  inception  weatherfront 
yesterday by wildestranger
Wide to Receive
A prostitution AU

Eames came back out about five minutes later, pausing in his step with a spoon between his lips and a jar of chocolate spread in hand. Their eyes met over the edge of the blanket underneath which Arthur had tucked himself.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  Hooker 
yesterday by kai357
All That Stupid Old Shit Like Letters And Sodas
Written for this prompt at Inception Kinkmeme. Arthur loves kissing. Really, really loves it. But none of his unsatisfying one-night stands have ever given him what he wants. And he'll never, ever ask for it.
Eames, meanwhile, is trying to figure out what, if anything, Arthur might want.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  fluff  smut 
2 days ago by kai357
Quiet Desperation by Aoidos
Arthur and Q are fraternal twins who meet for the first time when they're sixteen-years-old
complete  ao3  inception  bond  crossover 
4 days ago by connie
Burn Brighter - redcat512 - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Arthur meets him, Eames tries to fist-bump him, makes a crack about Camelot and commits crimes against humanity by wearing a leopard print t-shirt.

Eames is the fourth member of the team, as Cobb and Mal being on their second anniversary trip means that Arthur was going slowly crazy without work and is forced into working with other people. The other two members are Zoe, a forceful and un-compromising extractor, and Andrei, the silent and anti-social architect.
inception  arthur/eames  epic 
6 days ago by silkyluster
Into a Room Where It's Nine In the Afternoon
Yusuf needs to be more careful where he puts his experimental compounds.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  h/c  hot  via:kai357 
7 days ago by sinnamon
“Would you like me to demonstrate my technique?” Arthur was already shifting back to pull down the waistband of Eames’ boxers.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  PWP  fluff 
7 days ago by kai357
Through the gate
Arthur goes through each room in his head and how he cleaned it, methodically and thoroughly, yesterday, so that it wouldn't reek of cleaning solution today. He wonders if Eames will see it and think he's trying too hard. He wonders if Eames will like it at all.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  fluff 
7 days ago by kai357
Into a Room Where It's Nine In the Afternoon
Yusuf needs to be more careful where he puts his experimental compounds.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  h/c 
7 days ago by kai357
Gym Wars
In which friendship is not immediately obvious to the untrained eye.
Inception  Eames/Arthur 
7 days ago by kai357
Even Though My Work Is Unparalleled
"But we're not really dealing with Eames any more, are we? No longer a whole, so much as the sum of numerous, ever-changing parts."
Inception  Eames/Arthur 
7 days ago by kai357
I can't extinguish this fire, though I've tried - aprettyaway - Inception [Archive of Our Own]
In which Arthur is domestic, there is a series of unfortunate events, and firefighter Eames is called upon to save the day. Idea shamelessly taken from Modern Family.
arthur/eames  inception  trope:miscommunication 
7 days ago by unicorndust

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