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My Man Eames
Arthur inherited several things unexpectedly, out of the blue, on a bright summer day in 1932.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
6 days ago by allieyy
The First Sorrow Wept Without Her
It isn't like Arthur to cancel on a job. Eames is determined to track him down.
fic  inception  eames/arthur 
6 days ago by allieyy
Cedric Eames, through the years.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
6 days ago by allieyy
There is a stranger on Arthur's porch apologizing for things that happened years ago.
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
6 days ago by allieyy
Fortune-telling, Arthur would tell you, isn't A Thing.
fic  inception  eames/arthur 
6 days ago by allieyy
Arthur has always had good focus. It's just that lately he's always focusing on *Eames.*
fic  inception  eames/arthur 
6 days ago by allieyy
Just 9 more days until kicks off in Miami on April 26th! Check out this favorite moment between…
Inception  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by skovax
Eames tackles him from behind, brings him down onto his belly on the carpet, and plants a knee in his back. “What,” he pants, “the hell.”

Arthur gets into trouble, and can't remember how he got there. Eames lends a hand.


fanfiction  slash  inception  eames/arthur  oneshot  20k-50k  action/adventure  loc:ao3  hurt/comfort 
6 days ago by adelikal
Half-Way Gone
"We should probably go soon, anyway," she says. "There's an unconscious man in the ladies' bathroom with 'wanker' written on his forehead – people are going to start asking questions."
fic  au  inception  eames/arthur 
7 days ago by allieyy
An Unambiguous Cataloguing System
Ariadne moves out of Arthur's apartment. Eames moves in.


I thought I was done turns out I am very much not
fanfiction  slash  inception  eames/arthur  oneshot  20k-50k  au:diff-verse  fluff  domesticity  loc:ao3 
10 days ago by adelikal
Technically a Virtue
A mark's execrable taste in kitsch means that Eames has to convincingly forge wings. He's extremely bitter about this, until it becomes obvious that wings have some impressive fringe benefits.
Inception  Arthur/Eames  03-10  Slash  Humor  GetTogether  WingFic  Angels  Author:mirabella 
12 days ago by LilyC
Where the Dead Live
There's a monster in Arthur's basement. Maybe he shouldn't have invited it in.


I too thought I was done but uh somehow here we are in 2018 and I'm reading Inception fics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
fanfiction  slash  inception  eames/arthur  oneshot  10k-20k  post-apocalyptic  action/adventure  vampires  loc:ao3 
12 days ago by adelikal
where the dead live
There's a monster in Arthur's basement. Maybe he shouldn't have invited it in.
arthur/eames  mirabella  inception  vampires  au 
13 days ago by urrone
Tu Dois Rappeler Ton Rêves
Summary: Clint didn’t even know Phil had a younger brother but it appears the love of suits is genetic. That’s the least confusing thing that happens to the marksman.
!fanfic  slash  crossover  inception  mcu  avengers/inception  eames  arthur  arthur/eames  coulson  clint  clint/coulson  rated:T  !a 
14 days ago by indramiel
A Life You Haven't Started Yet VIII_XIII, art by Kedgeree
It's not that Arthur doesn't enjoy his boring job (because he does), and it's not that Arthur doesn't have hobbies (because he does), and it's not that Arthur doesn't experience a surprising number of romantic prospects cropping up (because he does); it's just that he's not happy for no reason, and he can't stop texting his tailor.
fanfic  inception  Arthur/Eames  Ariadne  au  transformation  ao3  fanart  words:20.000-50.000  clothes.kink 
19 days ago by hatinjacket

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