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A Fine Pair
Post-Inception, Arthur doesn't know what to do. So he goes to Eames' house.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  h/c  must_read 
yesterday by kai357
A Tale of Two Fathers (or The Parent Inception)
Arthur and Eames are the divorced parents about to be trapped. The kids are younger than in the film, because it just worked better to make them 12. It jumps in after their twin sons have already figured it out, because, let's face it, we all know this story and want to get to the part with the actual parents in it, since they're the characters we actually know.

Oh and it'll be obvious straight off, but I wanted to make it clear in the notes that Arthur and Eames are not parents through some kind of mpreg situation. The boys are biologically Arthur's sons, born to a surrogate mother.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  Kid!fic  fluff  must_read 
2 days ago by kai357
The Lies I Weave
Eames is a liar. His life, his identity, everything he has is built on lies. The only person he won't lie to is himself, so what will happen when he runs into Arthur on a job in Afghanistan? And what would happen if Arthur was kidnapped? It’s not a traditional rescue, that’s for sure – but this is not a traditional romance.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  h/c 
2 days ago by kai357
Drunken, horny and ten feet high - pushdragon - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
(A fairy tale or something.)
The team has to extract from a scared young girl with a most insistent imagination. Arthur tries out his new wings.
fic  inception  pairing:arthur/eames  [5-10k 
3 days ago by shadowkeeper
Trickster Makes This World by marourin, TheNinthBow
A mysterious phone call from Miles sends Arthur on the road to investigate why the members of the Fischer team are succumbing one by one to their nightmares. He must solve the puzzle before his own nightmare becomes reality.
@ao3  wc:30.000-75.000  inception  arthur/eames  genre:creeping.horror 
3 days ago by nikkitikkitavi
Written for this prompt for Cherrybina's kink fest: Non-established relationship. Arthur and Eames like to send each other their sex tapes with other people (or alone). It started of as a game or a joke of sorts, only then the videos get filthier and filthier and more personal. (Maybe A and/or E says the other's name.) They've never slept or spend extended amounts of time together, busy international mind thieves and all. Still, it's a good thing they've got going.

Of course Dom just had ruin it by bringing Eames in to do Inception.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  smut  kink 
3 days ago by kai357
Can't Believe I Never Noticed My Heart Before
Tom’s heart isn’t on his sleeve. It’s on his wrist, right over the pulse point, blue veins threaded through beneath his skin. (Some bottom Tom)
Tom/JGL  Inception  fluff  funny  angst_with_happy_ending  must_read 
3 days ago by kai357
Another Night In Someone Else's Fantasy
In which Ariadne still isn’t sure how she got here, Eames has Issues with Colin Firth, Arthur isn’t as boring as he’s pretending to be, and the world is full of unimaginative people paying a fortune to get laid.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  Escort/Prostitute 
4 days ago by kai357
Trickster Makes This World - marourin, TheNinthBow - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
A mysterious phone call from Miles sends Arthur on the road to investigate why the members of the Fischer team are succumbing one by one to their nightmares. He must solve the puzzle before his own nightmare becomes reality.
inception  arthur/eames 
4 days ago by eretmocerus
pushdragon - Inception (2010) - Drunken, horny and ten feet high [Archive of Our Own]
in which Eames slays dragons and Arthur falls in love, and Philippa is much too wise for her age.
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  recs:thisthisthisthis  inception:mindfuckery 
5 days ago by bookshop
wldnst - mr. eames &
eames obsessively tracks a young adult series that may or may not be based on his life.
arthur/eames  fic  inception 
5 days ago by renne
Perfect Fit
He got back to his hotel room, ordered room service, and ate a light dinner, all while wearing the silk, half-hard. Soon he wouldn’t be able to wait any longer; he’d have to jerk off. The thing was, now that he was alone, he found himself thinking about Eames.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  crossdressing  smut 
5 days ago by kai357
The Truth Will Set You Free
Robert Fischer isn't stupid, but he doesn't like getting his hands dirty. His hired goons kidnap Arthur to get some information out of him in some unusual ways. Somehow, Eames resists the temptation to pry and just does his best.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  h/c  angst_with_happy_ending 
5 days ago by kai357
Butterfly Day
A split in a disturbed mark's mind leads to two different fates for Arthur and Eames. How much difference can a single decision make? (A story where they fall in love, and a story where they don't. But things still just might turn out in the end anyway.)
Inception  Eames/Arthur  angst_with_happy_ending  angst 
5 days ago by kai357
The one about the recruits that didn’t make the cut
In which Charles keeps on finding Arthur and Eames making out under the bushes near the mansion.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  crossover  funny 
5 days ago by kai357
Before It Was Mainstream
Written for the inception_kink prompt here. Arthur's new team leaves Arthur out, so Eames takes Arthur out instead. (Previously known as the socially awkward penguin fic. :|)
Inception  Eames/Arthur 
5 days ago by kai357
All I Ever Wanted
What Arthur and Eames did on their private beach vacation. A tale of five kinks, and a coda.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  fluff 
5 days ago by kai357

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