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Fic: Next Big Thing [arthur/eames, inception au]
Eames is certain that they will excel at being celebrity judges.

Arthur is not so sure.

But then, that's usually how their relationship goes.
inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:earlgreytea68  (au)  (au:job)  (au:HGTV)  (content:established.relationship)  (content:domestic)  (content:co-habitation)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:200001-300k)  [verse:HGTV] 
2 days ago by midnightbex
The Pros and Cons of Curiosity
Ariadne can't figure out why Arthur seems so interesting. So naturally, she starts watching him work because she's creepy like that.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  Eames  oneshot  short  humor  ArthurxAriadne  author:AutumnMTC 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Worth a Shot
It seemed almost ritual now. No matter the situation or the dream or the dreamer, he would casually turn to her, face all business, and said it, "Quick give me a kiss." And she'd obey, strictly because it was her part of the tradition and nothing more.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  Eames  Cobb  Yusuf  oneshot  ArthurxAriadne  author:CoffeeFilters 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
...Because even though Ariadne isn't a blonde model, they can't help loving her, and she can't help rejecting them. 5 of the people she meets from the Fischer job that fall in love with her...and the one man she loves back.
Inception  short  oneshot  Ariadne  Eames  Yusuf  Cobb  Fischer  Arthur  ArthurxAriadne  author:infinitely-climbing 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
I loved you first. Cobb always got the pretty little Architect. "As Ariadne ran her hand through the blonde's hair, Arthur's hand ran through his own. He prayed to every deity that she would stop Cobb. But she didnt."
Inception  angst  happyending  Ariadne  Arthur  Cobb  Eames  oneshot  ArthurxAriadne  author:PrettyPrettyPlease 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Eight Days
Arthur and Ariadne are trapped on the first level of Fischer's Dreamscape until the clock runs out and they can wake up. It should be simple enough, hiding out for a few days and keeping a low profile, but as the Point Man and Architect grow closer things become - well, complicated to say the least.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  ArthurxAriadne  ficrec  author:BubbleWrappedKitty 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
'meant to be' never fits to a tee, but we're okay
She sends a postcard of a kangaroo accompanied by a speech bubble, an expletive and a rude hand gesture - so much for a goodbye.
Inception  drabble  oneshot  Arthur  Ariadne  ArthurxAriadne  AO3  author:alltheglitters 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
A Piece of the Plate (Got Stuck In My Heart) - jibrailis - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
They're on Iron Chef. There is thoughtful characterisation and plot and pining and it all works wonderfully well.
arthur/eames  inception  jibrailis 
2 days ago by wildestranger
What Goes Around Comes Around
"Really, sometimes it almost seemed like they were having a contest." Ariadne sees Arthur and Eames arguing and decides to keep the score for a week.
Inception  humor  funny  sogood  fave  ficrec  Arthur  Eames  Cobb  Ariadne  Yusuf  oneshot  author:DarkRedRoses 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Something That Belongs To Me
Arthur is the point man, the one who always plays the hero and saves the day... When he is caught in a life or death situation and cannot save himself, he must come to terms with defeat, or let someone else take the lead.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  Eames  oneshot  ficrec  author:nowarning23  ArthurxAriadne 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Arthur's Girlfriend
Cobb is questioning Arthur about feelings he has noticed the point man developing for a certain architect...yet Eames is making things difficult.
Inception  LOLEames  Eames  Arthur  Cobb  Ariadne  short  oneshot  ArthurxAriadne  fave  ficrec  humor  author:pretend-to-care 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
She's got you high
Eames' desk is stuck in the middle of the two most loved up but oblivious people in the whole entire world and he is sick to death of it. So he, being the charming englishman he is, decides to do something about it.
Inception  humor  funny  fluff  Eames  Arthur  Ariadne  Cobb  Saito  oneshot  ArthurxAriadne  author:The  Dream  Is  Real 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Ariadne has a recurring dream that she just can't solve, so she ends up asking Arthur for help. It turns out Dom had been right about ideas, but he failed to mention the kind that are less spectacular and more emotional.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  oneshot  ArthurxAriadne  author:Kyoko  Kasshu  Minamino 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Ariadne is giving Arthur the third degree-but why?
Inception  fluff  humor  short  oneshot  cute  Arthur  Ariadne  Eames  ArthurxAriadne  author:pretend-to-care 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Terra Incognita
Five strange places someone else found items of their underwear.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  ArthurxAriadne  oneshot  smut  ish  author:clockwork  starlight 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
String Theory
The problem with inception is that an idea is like a virus, even when it's an idea that someone else gives you.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  Eames  short  oneshot  ArthurxAriadne  author:Grav  fave 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Love is a Temple
"Love is a temple. Love, the higher law. I asked you to enter and then I made you crawl." -One covered by Damien Rice. Arthur and Ariadne: whatever they have is like the waves of limbo. Pushing, pulling. Rising, crashing. Refreshing them yet drowning them. And how fitting that Ariadne is the only one of them that's experienced those waves firsthand.
Inception  Arthur  Ariadne  ArthurxAriadne  oneshot  angst  happyending  fave  ficrec  author:PrettyPrettyPlease 
2 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Ariadne's aspirations for the Dream Share world send her down a dark tunnel into the world of eco-terrorists. Can Arthur and the team save her from herself?
Inception  long  Arthur  Ariadne  Cobb  Eames  Yusuf  ArthurxAriadne  author:PrettyPrettyPlease  ficrec 
3 days ago by Red_Paladin6

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