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love me not
Arthur wasn't out at work. He didn't exactly hide anything either, but he also didn't volunteer the information that he was gay. Dreamshare wasn't a very liberal culture. A few people had been forced into retirement for entering into certain relationships or situations. He wasn't ready to be cut out of the society he worked in. He loved his job.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  h/c  angst_with_happy_ending  must_read 
yesterday by kai357
Underneath the Sheets (Killing Me)
When Arthur and Eames where young, they were best friends. Arthur made the mistake of falling for him but never said anything. By the time they reached high school, they were no longer friends.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  high_school  angst_with_happy_ending 
yesterday by kai357
I Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Hugging
Arthur is an expert on hugging. Eames is an expert at hugging. It's a match made in heaven, or at least it should be.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  fluff  must_read 
4 days ago by kai357
Eames is the sheriff of a small town and Arthur is the troubled kid on the block. Eames is too protective for his own good and Arthur just wants to stay out of jail. Arthur/Eames
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  Detectives/Agents  Underage  angst_with_happy_ending 
5 days ago by kai357
You Know I Would
"Besides," Eames goes on, "I think we already established that I'm not most kids. I can remind you, if you've forgot." In other words: the boarding school fic you never knew Inception didn't have.
Inception  high_school  au 
6 days ago by kai357
A love story in E minor
It's a heady delight, having a gorgeous child prodigy working in your music shop, but it's even better when you know he trusts you enough to share his past. A Classical music AU, child-prodigy-piano-player!Arthur
Inception  Eames/Arthur  au  Artists  fluff 
6 days ago by kai357
Like Cats and Dogs
Everyone says that Arthur and Eames fight like cats and dogs, but what they don't know is that that's precisely what the two men are. And these genetically altered dream workers are about to find out just how compatible they actually are...if they don't kill each other first.
And that's before Arthur's twin brother and Eames's hometown gets involved. Then the fur will fly.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  mpreg  Werewolves  crossover  TDKR 
7 days ago by kai357
“Do me one favour, darling.” Arthur hums sleepily. Eames kisses his temple and smiles into his hair. “Don’t regret this in the morning.”
Inception  Eames/Arthur  Executives/Office_workers  au  angst_with_happy_ending  fluff 
8 days ago by kai357
Arthur/Eames, crazy!arthur
this made me giggle like a loon. it's off the inception kink meme.
inception  dreamhusbands  recs  via:bookshop  humor 
9 days ago by greenie-green
Arthur and Eames are werewolves who meet for the first time and battle it out to determine who's the Alpha Male. Claiming, marking, and sex ensue (in human form).
Inception  Eames/Arthur  Werewolves  au 
10 days ago by kai357
Let Me Love You
Eames finally has his Arthur after chasing him for years, only to find out that Arthur has a //type//. Luckily, Eames isn't a jealous person. Doesn't mean he can't be possessive.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  jealousy_possessive  fluff 
10 days ago by kai357
tornadobelt: The Greedyhearts
Original prompt: Eames is a high-end thief. Arthur is a private investigator hired to catch him.
Summary: Ridiculous events ensue; something like love happens somewhere along the way. (Warning for extra bad Eames spelling, haha)
inception  dreamhusbands  recs  humor 
10 days ago by greenie-green
modern music, it ain't to his taste/all i know about my love
Three stories; one in which Arthur first finds out about Q's relationship with the one James Bond, and the other in which the half-brothers react to gifts they receive from their lovers, and the third, in which how James doesn't quite understand the point of Arthur and Q's bickering.
Inception  Eames/Arthur  Skyfall  Bond/Q  crossover  Siblings 
10 days ago by kai357
(letting you see) a different side of me
When Eames calls Arthur in at the last minute to help him with a simple Extraction job, he does so with the knowledge that Arthur is, and always has been, the best. But the Arthur Eames knows doesn't doubt himself or fall asleep at tables and he'd certainly never, under any circumstances, wear a crumpled suit. The Arthur Eames knows has never been this vulnerably human, and it’s... well it’s all very endearing really, even if Arthur doesn’t quite agree.
Inception  Eames/Arthur 
11 days ago by kai357

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