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Donna Zuckerberg: ‘Social media has elevated misogyny to new levels of violence’ | Books | The Guardian
While there is animosity between some factions of the manosphere – Zuckerberg shows us, for instance, the petty conflicts online between PUAs and the men’s human rights movement – the common denominator, she says, remains “the use of ancient literature to represent an aspirational ideal of a world they wish they inhabited. They idealise a model that erases much of the social progress that has been made in the last 2,000 years.”
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9 weeks ago by petej
Paul Bloom on Cruelty – Econlib
I think that's one of the biggest mistakes we make about morality. I think that the reality is that fully appreciating someone's humanity opens up so many positive things--you can't be human without it; you can't have a decent relationship. It's the foundation of love, and friendship. But, it carries with it so many terrible risks. Really loving somebody, really knowing somebody opens up the possibility for love; but it also opens up the possibility for hatred.

we need to respect the fact that often we had no bad intentions and we will be right; and yet we can appreciate that our own small acts when accumulated makes people's lives miserable. And so we should stop these small acts.

The first point is that the robots are probably sentient. I mean, it's impossible to know. It's the standard, you know, undergraduate dormitory argument at 2 in the morning, how can I know you're conscious? How can you know that I'm conscious? But, these robots are of such sophistication, complexity, it beggars belief that they don't have feelings.
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october 2018 by aries1988
Menn i ufrivillig sølibati – Kristin Spitznogle – Resett
En stor og voksende andel menn bortselekteres [..] og får ikke tilgang på sex.
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july 2018 by vibrog
What Is an Incel? A Term Used by the Toronto Van Attack Suspect, Explained - The New York Times
Minutes before turning his van onto a Toronto sidewalk on Monday, killing 10 people and injuring more than a dozen others, Alek Minassian wrote a post on Facebook, according to the Canadian authorities.
In it, he praised Elliot Rodger, who in 2014 shot and killed six people in Isla Vista, Calif. Mr. Minassian, 25, also wrote of an “incel rebellion,” referring to a term, shorthand for “involuntary celibates,” used online by a community of misogynists to describe themselves.
“The Incel Rebellion has already begun!” the posting read. “We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”
Here’s a brief guide to the incel community, including some of the coded language, such as “Chads” and “Stacys,” used by its members.
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june 2018 by rgl7194
Who are the 'incels' and how do they relate to Toronto van attack? | Technology | The Guardian
Suspect appears to have links to misogynistic online community for the ‘involuntarily celibate’
Hours before the Toronto van attack, a post on the Facebook profile of the chief suspect declared that “the incel rebellion has already begun, we will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys”.
The message has brought new-found attention to the so-called incel movement, one of the stranger offshoots of the “alt right”, and led to calls for the attack to be recognised as an act of far-right terrorism.
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june 2018 by rgl7194
On Sexual Deprivation, Sex Workers, "Incels," and Violence - Slog - The Stranger
Before I say anything else: I agree with Rachel Fagen. She tweeted the above in response to someone who asked why "incels" don't just go see sex workers. I have good friends who do sex work—women and men—and they're not human shields. Their lives are valuable and, like Fagen says, they're not here to soak up male rage. They deserve safe working conditions and they deserve our respect—not despite the work they do, but because of it.
And let me say this: I have no sympathy for "incels" lurking in dark corners of the Internet cheering on misogynist terrorists. I have no sympathy for anyone who picks up a gun or gets in a van to mow down women on their way to class or work. And anyone who attempts to pin the blame on women or feminism for George Sodini or Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian is an asshole.
Now let's talk about incels. Alex Heard explains who they are in The Guardian today…
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june 2018 by rgl7194
An Ambitious Proposal Regarding the Plight of the Incel
In recent weeks, many have been acquainted with a new kind of struggle. The ancient plights of racial inequity, wealth inequality and gender disparity are well-worn causes. A lesser known plight…
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may 2018 by cglinka
The Literary Roots of the Incel Movement
Our canon of sad white men’s literature reinforces the idea that male sexual deprivation is a public concern
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may 2018 by larnjee
A broken idea of sex is flourishing. Blame capitalism | Rebecca Solnit | Opinion | The Guardian
Many of the rest of us have some degree of immunity, thanks to our access to counter-narratives and to loving contact with other human beings, but we are all impacted by this idea that everyone has a market value and this world in which so many of us are marketed as toys and trophies.
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may 2018 by larnjee
RT : The shooter at the in Tennessee. The in the Toronto van attack. The shooter on the Georgia free…
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