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Workflow request - Convert Evernote to DevonThink : workflow
I was wondering if anyone had created a workflow to convert from Evernote to Devonthink. I've tried adapting one of Viticcis ones attached but it doesn't work. I'm looking for something that will either detect all new notes in evernote past a certain date (or alternatively all Evernote notes with a specific tag) and then one by one add them to Devonthink. It would detect if the evernote note is a pdf, picture, text etc. prior to converting. As a bonus would be good if it could preserve tags. If anyone has already done a workflow likes this or knows how to fix mine up to work would appreciate it. Mine is at via /r/workflow
9 days ago by goajunior
What is the difference between (a = a + b) and (a+=b) ? Please see program below for context. : learnpython
I was trying following very simple codes:def f1(a,b): a = a + b return a def f2(a,b): a += b return a a = [1,2] b = [3,4] f1(a,b) print a #output = [1,2] a = [1,2] b = [3,4] f2(a,b) print a #output = [1,2,3,4] As you can see, both f1() and f2() are same, except for += operator. Still both are returning different values for a. What is going on here? via /r/learnpython
10 days ago by goajunior
VXLAN and MP-BGP for control plane-what simulator can be used to play with this technologies : networking
Hi guys I need to play with the above and I am having difficulties with finding virtual devices that support this. I checked NX-OSv 9K and it...
15 days ago by arimathea
Please review my first serious work : learnpython
Hello /r/learnpython!I am developing a command-line app named classer. This will help you reorgranize a directory by classifying files into different places.I was heavily inspired by bhrigu123/classifier, but I do not like the way it works. Therefore, I create a similar app but use a different approach (not a fork).This is my first serious work with Python, so feel free to give me some reviews/feedbacks on this app.Thank you all! via /r/learnpython
16 days ago by goajunior
Classical music help? : progrockmusic
The dudes at my local record store think I would love some classical music but I don't know we're to start my favorite prog bands are elp genesis and yes any suggestions? via /r/progrockmusic
18 days ago by goajunior
Gravitational Teleport
Modern SSH server for teams managing distributed infrastructure
cluster  security  ssh  teleport  2fa  auditing  bastions  devops  golang  inbox 
20 days ago by markwatson
Setting Up Slack Integration – Zoom Help Center
Prerequisites You are currently on a Pro, Business, Education or API plan You have a Zoom email account (work email), SSO or Google. ...
21 days ago by arimathea
discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.
discourse - A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.
21 days ago by arimathea
polisDocumentation/ at master · pol-is/polisDocumentation
Contribute to polisDocumentation development by creating an account on GitHub.
21 days ago by arimathea

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