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I have been teaching university level introductory programming course in Java for the past sixteen years. As this course now finally comes to an end with the department making the switch to Python, I decided to implement all of my surviving 42 lab problems in Mathematica, just to see which parts of this task would be easy and which others would be hard, and what such experiment would teach me about Mathematica and functional programming in general.Completing this task turned out be way more interesting than I had originally assumed, since many of these lab problems quickly spun to interesting directions that are just one-liners using Mathematica but above and beyond an introductory Java programming course. The resulting document is available on DropBox as PDF and Mathematica Notebook, so I am posting this link here hoping that other users of Mathematica would enjoy reading it. via /r/Mathematica
3 days ago by goajunior
How to Auto Open All Incoming Emails from Specific Persons in Outlook
Outlook doesn’t provide a feature to automatically open all incoming emails from specific persons. Thus, this article will expose such a method to you.
Auto  Open  Email  Emails  from  Specific  Persons  fix  PST  Inbox  Incoming  outlook  VBA 
6 days ago by DataNumen
How to Batch Open Multiple RSS Articles in Web Browser with Outlook VBA
At times, when viewing RSS items in your Outlook, you may want to see the original post in web browser. It’s easy to view a single RSS article. But, if you want to bath process multiple RSS articles, you’d better use the smart method in this article.
Batch  Open  Multiple  RSS  Articles  inbox  repair  tool  outlook  VBA  Feeds  Items  View  Article  in  Web  Browser 
11 days ago by DataNumen
How to Quickly Count All Tasks by Status in Your Outlook
Tasks can have five statuses – “Not Started”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, “Waiting for someone else” and “Deferred”. If you want to rapidly count all tasks by status, you can use the way introduced in this article.
Count  All  Tasks  by  Status  Excel  worksheet  inbox  repair  tool  outlook  VBA  Task 
12 days ago by DataNumen
How to Auto Mark Weekend Appointments as Private in Outlook
For most users, the appointments scheduled on weekend are usually private. Hence, they want Outlook to automatically mark and show such appointments as private. In this article, we will make this come true with a bit of scripting.
Appointments  inbox  repair  tool  Mark  as  Private  outlook  VBA  Weekend 
14 days ago by DataNumen
CockroachDB 2.0 Performance Makes Significant Strides | Cockroach Labs
Learn which performance metrics matter, why to demand benchmark TPC-C results under serializable isolation, and how CockroachDB 2.0’s performance compares to 1.1.
cockroachdb  daily  performance  programming  Reads  STEM  inbox  database  cloud  persistence 
24 days ago by xer0x
How to Change the Font of Flagged Items in Your Outlook Message List
Some users would like to show the flagged items in a special font, instead of only being marked with a small red flag, in message list. To be honest, it is quite easy. Now, this article will teach you to achieve it step by step.
Change  Font  Conditional  Formatting  Flagged  Items  of  inbox  repair  tool  Message  List  View  Settings 
4 weeks ago by DataNumen

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