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The Case for Ethical Warning Labels on Animal Products
Ethical labelling would interfere with the freedom of manufacturers to present their products as they wish and would therefore need justification. But this is not a great challenge. Corporations are not persons and so their freedom of expression does not deserve intrinsic respect and can be abridged on utilitarian grounds. Labelling laws are consistent with the liberal understanding of individual rights. Indeed, most countries already have labelling laws compelling manufacturers to present certain kinds of information (like use-by dates) in a clear way, and these are often justified by customers' interest in having easily comparable information available in their decision-making (like information about nutritional values on packaged food). Nor need such labelling laws relate to scientifically proven 'medical' facts, as the campaign for GM labelling demonstrates. Nor need they only reflect the interests of the majority of the population, as warnings that products may contain nuts show.
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Caged In: Wire Décor | Apartment Therapy
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