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Can a Sauna Session Count as a Workout?
Those who sweated it out two to three times per week were 23 percent less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease. People who sauna-bathed four to seven times per week were 48 percent less likely to die of those heart diseases — and 40 percent less likely to die of any other causes than people who only sauna-bathed once per week. 

The longer people spent in the heat during each sauna session — which ran from two- to 90-minutes(!) long — the greater their risk of survival. Guys who spent more than 19 minutes in the sauna were 52 percent less likely to suffer sudden cardiac death that men who sauna-bathed for less than 11 minutes at a time.
sauna  bathing  risk  benefit  cardiac  cardiovascular  morbidity  mortality  correlation  human  cohort  prospective  in  vivo  situ  peer-reviewed  research  all-cause 
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As addressable TV becomes more pervasive, here’s how to find your audience
Shifts in the market like these present opportunities for brands. Moving from “appointment TV” to “content on demand” has caused agencies rethink how they plan and buy TV. Within the industry, even calling it “TV” may no longer be accurate.
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Can vendors like Workday, Salesforce ever get enough AI?
"As Salesforce buys Datorama and Workday acquires, we ask can enterprise application vendors ever get enough AI in their product portfolios?"
As  Salesforce  buys  Datorama  and  Workday  acquires  we  ask  can  enterprise  application  vendors  ever  get  enough  AI  in  their  product  portfolios?analytics  planning  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  crm  customer  experience  future  of  work  machine  intelligence  user 
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Singapore Studio Has a Large Part to Play in Ubisoft’s Upcoming Releases
Earlier this week, our editor Ian and I were invited to Ubisoft Singapore for a studio tour. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the gaming giant Ubisoft on our very own sunny island. In its decade here, Ubisoft Singapore has made waves with its extensive contribution to the Assassin’s Creed series and the creation of...

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Singapore  Studio  Has  a  Large  Part  to  Play  in  Ubisoft’s  Upcoming  Releases 
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