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2 Easy Methods to Link the Names in Excel to Corresponding Outlook Contacts
Many users ask for methods to link the names in an Excel worksheet to the relevant Outlook contacts. Now, in this article, we will introduce 2 such ways.
Contact  Link  excel  Names  in  to  Outlook  Contacts  Microsoft  OneNote  pst  repair  vCard  File 
2 days ago by DataNumen
#NRF2018 live – How DAVIDsTEA uses loyalty program data to change experiences – and results - by @jonerp
"Retail transformation sounds great - until you hit a data wall. Live at NRF 2018, DAVIDsTEA told me how they turned their loyalty program data into a much broader effort. Their partner AgilOne was on hand to help share the results."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  e-commerce  retail  omni-channel  use  cases 
2 days ago by jonerp
Khabar: People in Peril: Indians in South Africa ;;;
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affirmative action
Khabar  :  People  in  Peril  Indians  South  Africa  |  law  and  order  inre  interesting  reading  interestingReading 
3 days ago by neerajsinghvns
Determining the Optimal Time for Postprandial Peak Hyperglycemia (PPG) in the Follow up of the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus | American Diabetes Association
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is a common cause of mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes. Glycemic control is essential for effective CVD risk reduction. PPG is particularly deleterious to vascular function and a stronger predictor of CVD than elevation of glucose at fasting. There is no consensus about timing of PPG measurement. Our aim was to determine the optimal time for estimating PPG by measuring fasting and PPG, insulin secretion, triglyceride and free fatty acids (FFAs). We studied on 4 groups; 15 patients on diet or plus metformine 850 mg twice daily at noon and bedtime, 15 patients using rapid acting insulin analogues, 15 patients having glinides (as repaglinide 2 mg three times daily) and 15 healthy controls. All subjects were free from clinically apparent atherosclerotic disease and diabetic complications. Blood samples were withdrawn at 8.00 AM after 12 h of fasting and following breakfast composed of foods proper for each patient, at 60[sup]th[/sup], 90[sup]th[/sup] and 120[sup]th[/sup] minutes. Patients were maintained on their usual treatment with glinide and rapid acting insulin analogue during the period of blood withdrawal. Control group received a mixed meal breakfast. In control group glycemia peak occured at 90th minute and insulin peak at 60th minute, when the levels of FFA was lowest. In the group of patients using glinide, glycemia and insulinemia levels peaked at 90th minute (there was no difference between 60th and 90th minutes). In the group of patients on diet and metformin, glycemia and insulinemia levels peaked at 60th minute, whereas glycemia has peaked at 60th and 90th minutes at insulin group. FFA levels were lowest at 120th minutes in both groups. FFAs were decreasing postprandially in all groups and triglycerides were increasing and reaching a maximum level at 2nd hour. In conclusion, postprandial glucose levels are better predictors of overall glycemic control and are correlated better with HbA1c than fasting glucose levels. Our results indicate that measurement of plasma glucose 1h after the end of a meal generally approximates the peak value in patients with diabetes and provides a reasonable assessment of postprandial hyperglycemia.
blood  peak  research  timing  in  after-meal  management  care  glucose  vivo  clinical  postmeal  human  self  postprandial  peer-reviewed 
4 days ago by Michael.Massing
The 8 Best Cable Modems to Buy in 2018
8 Best Cable Modems to Buy in 2018
8  Best  Cable  Modems  to  Buy  in  2018 
4 days ago by kilroy2

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