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Our response to Improbable’s blog post (and why you can keep working on your SpatialOS game) – Unity Blog
"Improbable published a blog post regarding their relationship with Unity earlier today. Improbable’s blog is incorrect." says Unity.
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Ottawa Senators fans celebrate improbable NHL playoff berth - StumbleUpon
via janinebucks's Likes | Ottawa Senators fans celebrate improbable NHL playoff berth April 12, 2015 at 10:21PM
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Improbable: enabling the development of large-scale simulated worlds » cdixon blog
Chris Dixon of a16z, which is putting $20m into London-based Improbable, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge:
The Improbable team had to solve multiple hard problems to make this work. Think of their tech as a “spatial operating system”: for every object in the world — a person, a car, a microbe —the system assigns “ownership” of different parts of that entity to various worker programs. As entities move around (according to whatever controls them  — code, humans, real-world sensors) they interact with other entities. Often these interactions happen across machines, so Improbable needs to handle inter-machine messaging. Sometimes entities need to be reassigned to new hardware to load balance. When hardware fails or network conditions degrade, Improbable automatically reassigns the workload and adjusts the network flow. Getting the system to work at scale under real-world conditions is a very hard problem that took the Improbable team years of R&D.

Wow! What will it be used for? Mars missions? Lunar missions? Climate calculations?
One initial application for the Improbable technology is in gaming.

Beyond gaming, Improbable is useful in any field that models complex systems — biology, economics, defense, urban planning, transportation, disease prevention, etc. Think of simulations as the flip side to “big data.” Data science is useful when you already have large data sets. Simulations are useful when you know how parts of the system work and want to generate data about the system as a whole. Simulations are especially well suited for asking hypothetical questions: what would happen to the world if we changed X and Y? How could we change X and Y to get the outcome we want?

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march 2015 by charlesarthur
Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up
Schiit Happens:

The Ongoing Story of the

World's Most Improbable Start-Up
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