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How to become a great impostor
How does a man with no education convince everyone he is a priest, professor and doctor?
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yesterday by xer0x
The Pessimistic Impostor – OSEDEA – Medium
One of the insecurities that I’ve never been quite able to shake off is the infamous Imposter Syndrome. Although it’s not something developers have discovered per se, the software development…
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11 weeks ago by gilberto5757
xraxra/IMP: billboard imposter baking for Unity
billboard imposter baking for Unity. Contribute to xraxra/IMP development by creating an account on GitHub.
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january 2019 by olafyoorsen
Imposter Syndrome
PJ, Jason, and Mary joined up with [Kelsey Hightower]( from Google Cloud Platform to chat about imposter syndrome: What is imposter syndrome? Is it a thing? How can we overcome imposter syndrome in ourselves? How can we prevent imposter syndrome in others?
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june 2018 by pinterb

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