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:: Darch
Working the immutable OS container theme here
immutable  OS  container  docker  linux  baremetal  image 
12 hours ago by asteroza
immerjs/immer: Create the next immutable state by mutating the current one
Try v4.0.0 today!
npm install immer@next


ES6 Map / Set support with setUseProxies(true)
Ensure onDelete/ onAssign hooks work with ES6 maps/sets (and write tests)
Ensure object keys can be used with ES6 maps
ES6 Map / Set support in ES5 mode
Update typings for ES6 maps/sets
github  javascript  redux  immutable 
28 days ago by snahor
:: Darch
Think Dockerfiles, but for bootable, immutable, stateless, graphical (or not) environments for your everyday usage.

Your images can be layered/inherited (like Dockerfiles) using recipes.
linux  containers  golang  docker  infrastructure  immutable 
5 weeks ago by RBarnard
immerjs/immer: Create the next immutable state by mutating the current one
Create the next immutable state by mutating the current one - immerjs/immer
redux  immutable 
9 weeks ago by jgornick
Immutability in React and Redux: The Complete Guide
Learn about side effects and how to avoid them, how to wield immutablity to update objects and arrays in Redux reducers, and the easy way to update state with Immer.
javascript  immutable  functional  react  redux  guide 
9 weeks ago by brew
Team Silverblue
Immutable OS based on Fedora with an emphasis on container development and flatpaks.
Linux  containers  immutable  desktop  distribution 
10 weeks ago by markstos
Immutable classes in Java – Mykola Shumyn – Medium
The class is called immutable if it is impossible to change its state and content after the initialization (creation). So, let’s try to implement the immutable class by taking the mutable one and…
april 2019 by pks
Building Your First Clojure Blockchain – Datopia
We'll use Clojure to build a simple, distributed key-value store atop Tendermint.
clojure  blockchain  trie  evm  etheruem  distributed  keyvalue  store  log  immutable 
april 2019 by fmjrey

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