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New in Symfony 4.3: Configuring services with immutable setters (Symfony Blog)
A common need in some Symfony applications is to use immutable services while still using traits for composing their optional features. Although the Symfony service container supports setter injection, they have some drawbacks (e.g. setters can be called more than just at the time of construction so you cannot be sure the dependency is not replaced during the lifetime of the object).

A pattern to solve this problem are "wither methods". These methods typically use the with word as the prefix of their names (e.g. withPropertyName()) and they return a copy of an instance of an immutable class with only that one property changed:
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8 weeks ago by archangel
The rise of immutable data stores
Some innovators are abandoning long-held database principles. Why? The website for Room Key, a joint venture of six hotel chains to help travelers find and book lodging, collects data from as many as 17 million pages per month, records an average of 1. via Pocket
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february 2019 by ChristopherA
Immutable Model Mutability | GitHawk Blog
GitHawk is powered by an architecture and a few libraries that shine when fed with immutable models.
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december 2018 by cocoasamurai

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