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Health 'to start failing at 47' in parts of Blackpool and Middlesbrough - BBC News
From 2009 to 2013, males born in Bloomfield in Blackpool had a healthy life expectancy (HLE) of only 47.1 years, five months shorter than females born in Middlehaven in Middlesbrough. //&! - Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections, scientists say.
premature  ageing  chronic  sick  population  UK  life  expectancy  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  western  diet  lifestyle  prevention  public  health  S.A.D.  immune  system  Cancer  autoimmune  disease 
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Ultra-processed foods 'linked to cancer' - BBC News
What counts as ultra-processed
Mass-produced packaged breads and buns
Sweet or savoury packaged snacks including crisps
Chocolate bars and sweets
Sodas and sweetened drinks
Meatballs, poultry and fish nuggets
Instant noodles and soups
Frozen or shelf-life ready meals
Foods made mostly or entirely from sugar, oils and fats &!
cancer  public  health  CVD  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  NHS  crisis  food–industrial  lobby  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  obesity  overweight  healthcare  diabetes  immune  system  Autoimmune  disease  Diseases  packaging  plastic  pollution  chemical  complexity 
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Chemicals in packaging, carpets and non-stick pans 'may contribute to obesity' | Science | The Guardian
Chemicals used to make non-stick pots and pans, stain-resistant carpets, and food packaging may contribute to high levels of obesity by disrupting the body’s ability to burn calories, scientists say.

Researchers at Harvard University examined the effects of compounds called perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), which have already raised concerns among some health experts after animal experiments and other studies linked them to cancer, high cholesterol and immune problems.
public  health  pollution  obesogenic  environment  obesity  overweight  Cancer  PFAS  BPA  bisphenol  plastic  autoimmune  disease  chronic  lowgrade  inflammation  immune  system  crisis  fungicide  herbicide  pesticide  ecological  environmental  Klimakatastrophe 
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Cold open water plunge may provide instant pain relief - BBC News
see nordic traditions, see russian traditions, and see german tradtional "alt" medicine prescribed by Krankenkassen (wechselbaeder, wadenbaeder, cold showrs, sauna, retreats, water fasting) // cold showers - - Postoperative neuropathic pain exacerbated by movement is poorly understood and difficult to treat but a relatively common complication of surgical procedures such as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Here, we describe a case of unexpected, immediate, complete and sustained remission of postoperative intercostal neuralgia after the patient engaged in an open-water swim in markedly cold conditions.
neuroscience  neurology  cold  shower  exposure  mental  health  immune  system  evidence-based  medicine  lymphatic 
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Gigi Hadid slams body shamers who call her too skinny - BBC News
Hashimoto thyroiditis // - "Imagine having a really extreme case of flu." That's how 23-year-old Rachel Hill describes living with Hashimoto's disease. //&! //&! " I was also part of a holistic medical trial that helped my thyroid levels balance out." Obviously not. Otherwise she would be whole-food plant-based vegan, duh. she did eat a burger on jimmy kimmel late night show and promotes eating animal products
Hashimoto  Autoimmune  disease  thyroid  public  health  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  immune  system  Diseases  inflammation  prevention  S.A.D.  western  diet 
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Ageing immune system linked to cancer - BBC News
cancer as an autoimmune disease //&! - Cancer as an Autoimmune Disease //&! Data Source - //&! thymus ------ "We're not debating the fact that mutations cause cancer, but are asking whether mutations alone can account for the rapid rise in cancer incidence with age when ageing causes other profound changes in the body."
Cancer  auto  immune  disease  fasting  Valter  Longo  Diseases  Autoimmune  ageing  population  premature  longevity  Gerontology  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  NHS  Crisis  prevention  western  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  junk  fast  food  obesity  overweight  inflammation  IGF-1  public  health  CVD 
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(4984) Cancer Cure Hits the Market! [Car-T Cells] - YouTube
advances in immunotherapy- first version was dump, 2nd version "targeted", 3rd gen - reprogramming? immunotherapy
Cancer  immunotherapy  immune  system  CAR-T  cells  autoimmune  disease 
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