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Antibodies that let old mice think like young ones - Stanford neuroscientists have found a single gene that encodes a protein responsible for age-related cognitive losses, targeted it with antibodies, and shown in mice that these antibodies can rejuvenate
In a stunning piece of research, Stanford neuroscientists have hunted down a single gene that encodes a protein responsible for age-related cognitive losses, targeted it with special blocking antibodies, and shown in mice that these antibodies can rejuvenate old brains to work as well as young ones.
april 2019 by joeybaker
On the importance of being idle: Writer Anna Della Subin on the unsung values of doing nothing, procrastination as its own form of productivity, and the mythological power of sleep. [The Creative Independent]
"The real epiphanies of figuring out what I’m trying to say don’t happen when I chain myself to my desk. I let myself into the labyrinth, to get lost in the footnotes of arcane books from the 19th century, or just out on a walk. I need a sense of timelessness to do my best work."
annadellsubin  howwewrite  writing  thinking  howwethink  idleness  procrastination  2019  derive  meandering  walking  solviturambulando  laziness  insomnia  sleep  time  timelessness  howwework  immortality 
february 2019 by robertogreco
Fierce Friends
What if, hundreds of years in the future, Wen Ning, Song Lan, and Nie Mingjue are zombie friends that rent an apartment together and go through some zombie shenanigans while they wait for the people they love to reincarnate?
author:Aki_ni_hikari  2019  wc:1-5k  *gen  friendship(fandom.tag)  humour  immortality  post-canon  =mo.dao.zu.shi(fic) 
february 2019 by claudine
One in five Americans wants to live forever | YouGov
More than one-third say they'd like to be cremated after they die
death  immortality  society 
january 2019 by pmigdal

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