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RT : In significant departure for GOP, Trump admin embraces cuts to legal pathways: …
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16 hours ago by sujal
The Prophet of Germany’s New Right - The New York Times
Profile of Götz Kubitscheck, one of the leading right-wing thinkers in contemporary Germany. Major influence on AfD. Interesting on the ways in which he tries to reimagine German nationalism to avoid overlap with Hitler, but still draws on some of the same ideas and themes as the Nazis. Spengler is a major influence. Focus on Western decline and the need for reinvigoration. Outwardly much less racist than other anti-immigrant right-wing thinkers in Europe now, but it's hard to see on the idea of a "Volk" whose essence is altered and even weakened by the arrival of different cultures doesn't take you down that road.
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yesterday by johnmfrench
UK ad industry demands open borders
Depending on what, if any, transitional arrangements can be agreed, the UK is scheduled to leave the EU at the end of March 2019, and the country’s leading advertising and marketing executives insist that migration has had a positive impact which must be maintained post-Brexit.

The campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, is called “A Great Advert for Britain” and features prominent industry figures who speak of the benefits of attracting overseas workers.

Accompanying the launch of the campaign, which includes a giant billboard at Heathrow Airport, is a new report which uses data from LinkedIn, the online network for professionals, to show that the UK employs around 328,000 people in the advertising and marketing sector.

Some 43% of them work in London and, out of every 10,000 LinkedIn members in the London area, 556 are employed in advertising and marketing, or the equivalent of one in every 18 people.

And this represents a higher proportion of advertising workers within the overall employment market than in the other major international hubs examined in the report – Amsterdam, New York, Paris and Sydney.
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2 days ago by owenblacker
FEDELATINA – Federacion de Entidades Latinoamericanas de Cataluña
Org that provides all sorts of resources and assistance to Latin American immigrants in Barcelona, including advice on immigration legalities and processes as well as returning to your home country or immigrating to another EU country.
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2 days ago by atelathehun

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