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Despite tough talk, deportations slow under Trump
President Donald Trump has made cracking down on illegal immigration a centerpiece of his administration -- but so far his administration is deporting fewer people than his predecessor.

According to statistics from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) given to CNN, the pace of removals under Trump in his first three months lags behind even the last two years of his predecessor, when then-President Barack Obama ordered his agencies to use more discretion when it came to deporting undocumented immigrants, focusing specifically on criminals.
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Benjamin Dix's Positive Negatives are an amazing set of comics on some of the world's toughest issues:
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People Are Trolling Trump's New Anti-Immigrant Hotline With Reports Of Space Aliens And The Government Is Not Amused
'There are certainly more constructive ways to make one’s opinions heard,' the immigration agency said.
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At Churchill Downs, immigration crackdown causes unease on the backstretch
"... backstretch workers are part of an ecosystem that for decades has operated on a 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' policy. No one at the track could recall a raid or any other enforcement action related to immigration on the grounds themselves, but all agreed the threat is increasingly acute as they prepare for the sport’s marquee race. Trainers say they would prefer to hire legally, but faced with a deficit of American applicants or legal visa-holders, they have no choice but to accept people willing to work jobs that require long hours and pay between $10 and $15 an hour."
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4 days ago by jnchapel
1 in 8 children in California schools have an undocumented parent | EdSource
Posing significant challenges for educators, about 1 in 8 students in California schools has at least one parent who is undocumented, according to a new brief from the Education Trust-West.

Undocumented children as well as U.S. citizen children with undocumented relatives have experienced heightened anxieties for several years as a result of deportation policies begun under President George W. Bush and tightened ones under President Barack Obama.

But according to school officials, those anxieties have reached new heights since Donald Trump’s inauguration, with possible consequences on their ability to focus on school work, the willingness of parents to attend school events, or even to bring their children to school.
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