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Ethnic markets and community food security in an urban “food desert” - Pascale Joassart-Marcelli, Jaime S Rossiter, Fernando J Bosco, 2017
"In recent years, the concept of food desert has come to dominate research and policy debates around food environments and their impacts on health, with mounting evidence that low-income neighborhoods of color lack large supermarkets and therefore may have limited access to fresh, affordable, and healthy foods. We argue that this metaphor, which implies an absence of food, is misleading and potentially detrimental to the health of poor and racially diverse communities because it ignores the contribution of smaller stores, particularly that of so-called ethnic markets. Current applications of the food desert concept in this setting reflect classed and racialized understandings of the food environment that ignore the everyday geographies of food provision in immigrant communities while favoring external interventions. Our investigation of ethnic markets in City Heights, a low-income urban neighborhood in San Diego with a diverse immigrant population, offers evidence of their positive role in providing access to affordable, fresh, healthy, and culturally appropriate foods. Our results contribute to research by providing a nuanced description of the food environment beyond access to supermarkets, focusing specifically on immigrant neighborhoods, and pointing to ethnic markets as valuable partners in increasing food security in diverse urban areas."
2017  sandiego  cityheights  food  supermarkets  markets  fooddeserts  race  ethnicity  class  culture  geography  immigration 
yesterday by robertogreco
America is friendlier to foreigners than headlines suggest - Daily chart
Gallup, a pollster, has found that given the chance, 158m people would move permanently to the United States—and that the share of would-be migrants who pick the country as their first choice has remained roughly constant since 2010.
yesterday by karlovac
Public fears about immigration have driven Brexit | Comment | The Times
"Other EU states are champing at the bit to toughen up migration rules. But Britain, with its referendum result, has issued the greatest challenge to Brussels, going where others fear to tread. As well as limiting migrants coming from poor or ungovernable parts of north Africa and the Middle East, we should incentivise them to rebuild their home countries. We took part in military operations that disrupted their way of life and have a moral duty to press the EU to give them more in development funding.

Other nations in Europe are coming round to our way of thinking. They increasingly realise we all need a strategy that puts control of borders above freedom of movement. We have four Brexit options: a government compromise deal; no deal; a referendum on the existing terms; or one on new terms that take account of immigration. If Brussels refuses to accommodate legitimate concerns in renegotiated terms, we should avoid a second referendum that risks another Leave victory. We should go for a compromise deal and then try to persude them from the outside.

If Brussels sees sense even at this late stage, we could turn around public opinion and win a second referendum for Remain. That would be a powerful signal to Britain and to Europe that the people’s voice has been heard. Europe needs our help to defeat the resurgent forces of racism. We ignore them at our peril."
opinion  brexit  immigration  racism  europe 
yesterday by np
7-Eleven Is at War With Its Own Franchisees Over ICE Raids - Bloomberg
The company has been battling its store owners for years. It seems to have found a new tool: U.S. immigration authorities.
articles  immigration  capitalism 
2 days ago by gmisra
Trump Has Made U.S. Policy Much More Resistant To Immigration — Without The Wall | FiveThirtyEight
But while understanding his reasoning is important, there’s little dispute about the effects of Trump’s policies. Wall or no, a lot has already happened, and more big changes could be on the way. The wall is a story. But the story is how Trump has already remade U.S. immigration policy.
Immigration  TrumpAdministration  FiveThirtyEight 
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