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A lesson in American greatness - Lexington
They tend to be generous to those they leave behind and better at targeting their assistance than aid agencies.
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12 hours ago by soobrosa
Portraits 2017: Immigration & Diversity
"Most Ontarians remain comfortable with current levels of immigration and with the province’s growing diversity, and there is increasing support for welcoming those fleeing conflicts. These are some of the main findings in the latest report from Mowat’s Portraits 2017 survey series."
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2 days ago by jamesshelley
Britain's Grooming Gang Crisis - Quillette
We cannot cure an illness before we have understood it. It is therefore important to be careful and nuanced. But I empathise with the frustration of those whose blood will boil on seeing those words. Like terrorism, this is a phenomenon that would not have existed on a comparable scale if not for the unprecedented top-down cosmopolitanism encouraged by the same political and media classes who now tactfully look the other way. Nuance was not a priority while that process was taking place, which is why its architects were tragically and appallingly unprepared to deal with its complications.
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2 days ago by campion1581
ACLU on Twitter: "ICE is locking up asylum seekers...
ICE is locking up asylum seekers who have proved their identities, passed government screenings, and were found to have credible asylum claims that should be heard in court.

Add your name telling DHS to stop punishing people who have committed no crime.
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3 days ago by coslinks
A fight simmers in the Bay Area over protecting the privacy of immigrants here illegally
Local municipalities/counties have a lot of power to resist sharing of information and cooperation with ICE
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4 days ago by jcretan

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