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Trump tweets: a migrant caravan from Honduras sparks his latest tantrum - Vox
Donald Trump is throwing a sustained Twitter tantrum over an “assault” on the US border, blaming Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for sending criminals to the United States and threatening to deploy the United States military to fix the problem if Mexico doesn’t accede to Trump’s demands.
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Honduras, Guatemala move to stop migrant caravan after Trump threats | Reuters
The migrants in the group making its way north plan to seek refugee status in Mexico or pass through to the United States, saying they are fleeing poverty and violence.
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Family separations: the Trump administration stole thousands more children than previously reported / Boing Boing
Amnesty International's new report on family separations reveals that the Trump administration stole at least 4,000 more children from their parents than the previous total of 2,500-3,000.

The exact total can't be calculated because Customs and Border Protection is stonewalling on its official statistics, but we know that CBP separated about 8,000 "family units" (CBP won't say how many of those "family units" include children, but they say that Amnesty's report is "deeply flawed" -- though they will not provide any clarification).
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Wilbur Ross Lied to Congress About the GOP’s Plot to Rig the Census. This Should Be a National Scandal.
The commerce secretary lied under oath about a new policy that could rob Democratic states of power: asking people if they are American citizens.
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