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Spectra open-source biomedical imaging @ Crowd Supply
magine a world where biomedical imaging technology is so accessible that it’s easy to use and build on. Medical physics is a fascinating way to explore signal processing and electricity. Come and discover an open source biomedical imaging system based on electrical impedance tomography.
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10 days ago by cyberchucktx
Jean Rintoul : Low Cost Open Source Biomedical Imaging @ YouTube
Jean Rintoul is a hacker, a neuroscientist, and an entrepreneur in health technology. She has a passion for democratizing biosensing technologies, and has done so with Kiddo, the healthcare wearable for children, and the Basis Biosensor watch. As a neuroscientist, she has been published in the Nature International Journal of Science for her work at Gazzaley Neuroscience lab. In fact, you have likely used her most popular neuroscience biosensor - the Emotiv EEG headset. The greatest gathering of hardware hackers, builders, engineers and enthusiasts on the planet returns. Streaming Live talks from our 'Main Stage' in Pasadena, CA.
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10 days ago by cyberchucktx
Largest overhaul of scientific units since 1875 wins approval :: Nature (Nov 2018)
kg - via fixed Planck's constant (based on Kibble's electromagentic mass balance)
moll = fixed Avogadro's number (via laser-measured atomic packing in a silicon sphere)
K - via fixed Boltzmann constant (measured from the speed of sound in a pressurised chamber)
m - via fixed speed of light in vacuum
s - radioactive Cs transition timescale (to be redefined via optical clocks in 2026)
A - single-electron counting in a current

see also: Atomic Microscopy Revolution
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13 days ago by chigle
Air Force Magazine
The US and Britain devised a ludicrously simple and completely transparent cover story for the first overflights from UK bases. USAF was to provide four RB-45Cs to the RAF, which was to paint them in RAF colors and use American-trained RAF crews to fly them. If one was forced down in the Soviet Union, the US would point to the British insignia and disclaim all knowledge, while the British would make it clear that they owned no RB-45s, so it could not be theirs. Fortunately, the ruse was not put to the test.
spy  imaging  russia  coldwar  rb45 
14 days ago by yorksranter
SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Blog | Using Image Offsets | SANS Institute
Using byte offsets rather than carving file system partitions out of a disk image can save you enormous amounts of time and disk space, leaving you more time for forensicating. I urge you to spend some time practicing the techniques covered in this article. Once you drink the offset Kool Aid, you'll never go back to carving.
malware  forensics  imaging  partitions 
16 days ago by unclespeedo
Photo Mosaic Wall: We Are in It Together - Foto Master
Creates jaw-dropping digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. Produces top quality masterpieces using an exclusive, state-of-the-art algorithm.

The Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. The photos are automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths, an on-site photographer’s camera, and more.

The end result: A beautiful mosaic of photos from the event.
photography  mosaic  projection  imaging  wall 
20 days ago by cyberchucktx

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