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FisheyeGl Demo
Lens distortion removal — interactive visualizer
camera  lens  images  distortion  warp 
yesterday by cwr
A native lazy load for the Web platform
Quick explainer on interesting new proposal for lazy loading images off screen automatically (i.e. without JS)
web  perf  images 
yesterday by fortythieves
Collections search | Wellcome Collection
thousands of Creative Commons licensed images from historical library materials and museum objects to contemporary digital photographs.
images  collection  creativecommons  license  free  photo  photos  clipart 
yesterday by sprague
Create videos - desktop and mobile. Paid service.
video  images  photos  tools 
2 days ago by kmo
To make infographics. Premier version for individuals $19/month (as of August 2018) - only free for students.
information  images  tools 
2 days ago by kmo
Add text to photos in overlay. For iOS and Android.
images  photos  writing  redaction  outils  tools 
2 days ago by kmo Image Optimizer
Optimize your images with blazing speed using powerful API and online web interface
tools  images  optimization  performance 
2 days ago by mattsaler
ImgOps - Image Operations
Reverse image search - uses multiple tools all at once
graphics  images  tools  web  search  verification 
2 days ago by macloo
Straightening images in Gimp
"It's very easy to correct and straighten a crooked photo using the rotate tool in GIMP.

"Whenever you have an image with a skewed horizon, you must lose something from the edges of the photo to fix it. The sides of the image must be cropped to make up for the slanting of the photo from rotation. You always have to crop a photo when you rotate, so it makes sense to rotate and crop in one step with the rotate tool."
Gimp  Unskew  Graphics  Images 
3 days ago by blissthisway

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