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A Closed-form Solution to Photorealistic Image Stylization
Photorealistic image style transfer algorithms aim at stylizing a content photo using the style of a reference photo with the constraint that the stylized photo should remains photorealistic. While several methods exist for this task, they tend to generate spatially inconsistent stylizations with noticeable artifacts. In addition, these methods are computationally expensive, requiring several minutes to stylize a VGA photo. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm to address the limitations. The proposed algorithm consists of a stylization step and a smoothing step. While the stylization step transfers the style of the reference photo to the content photo, the smoothing step encourages spatially consistent stylizations. Unlike existing algorithms that require iterative optimization, both steps in our algorithm have closed-form solutions. Experimental results show that the stylized photos generated by our algorithm are twice more preferred by human subjects in average. Moreover, our method runs 60 times faster than the state-of-the-art approach.
AI  deeplearning  cnn  research  paper  images  generative  imageprocessing  tweetit  styletransfer 
yesterday by sachaa
39 Free Tools for Creating Unique Images - post on Sprout Social
Post by Alex York, May 31, 2017, Sprout Social. Types of free image-creation tools:
- Image Design Tools
- Infographic Makers
- Logo Makers
- Quote Makers
- Collage Makers
- Cover Photo Makers
- Profile Picture Makers
- Screenshot Tools
- Image Resizing Tools
- GIF Makers
images  tools  outils  web  Internet  photos  reference 
yesterday by kmo
Building an Image Search Engine: Defining Your Image Descriptor (Step 1 of 4) - PyImageSearch
Step 1 to building an image search engine: Defining which OpenCV image descriptor you are going to use. Color? Texture? Shape? Learn about image descriptors and building your own image search engine.
features  computer-vision  images  python  opencv  deep-learning 
2 days ago by nharbour
Carbon is the easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your source code.
share  source  code  images 
2 days ago by davemac
ImageScraper 2.0.7 : Python Package Index
A simple image scraper to download all images from a given url

$ image-scraper
tool  images 
2 days ago by Atelierbram
Placeholder image generator
Quick and easy way to generate PNG and SVG placeholder images.
images  development 
2 days ago by chromaphobic

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