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US grand jury decides that a GIF counts as a deadly weapon in Twitter seizure case - The Verge
While this is certainly correct to prosecute, I still think that Twitter need to rethink their UI choices that allow a random stranger to fire graphic images at their targets without any opt-in requirement.
FBI investigators seized the account late last year after tracking him through his iPhone, and allege that Rivello sent several tweets and messages about his intentions to cause Eichenwald to have a seizure — including the text “You deserve a seizure for your post.” According to NBC News, other messages specifically say that "I hope this sends him into a seizure,” while others read "Spammed this at [Eichenwald] let's see if he dies."
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14 hours ago by jm
ImageOptim online
JPEG and PNG compressors with special secret artisan-crafted settings
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yesterday by siggiarni
hzeller/timg: A terminal image viewer
viewer that uses 24Bit color capabilities and unicode
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2 days ago by jamescampbell

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