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Halide 1.7 introduces Portrait Mode, ARKit, and Darkroom integration – The Sweet Setup
One of our favorite — if not the favorite — manual camera apps for iPhone continues its charge ahead with a slew of new features making their way into version 1.7. Halide’s latest update introduces its own in-house Portrait Mode, an ARKit feature for showcasing 3D portraits, and an extra handy Darkroom integration for quickly editing your photos in our favorite photo editing app for iPhone.
iOS  imageProcessing  photography  photo  halide 
7 days ago by euler
Compressing and enhancing hand-written notes
I thought this was cool, and then I realized it was exactly the tool I need to finally start scanning and archiving all my dad's basketball practice planners.
notes  python  imageprocessing  utility 
8 days ago by axodys
Sony, Nikon and others partner on a unified platform for smart cameras
NICE will define a specification that various hardware makers can use for their cameras, so that the footage they capture can be split into scenes, indexed, made searchable and scannable in thumbnails, and stashed in cloud storage.

Having multiple brands follow the same spec will make it easier to develop apps that work with a wide range of cameras, and also allow those devices to play nice with each other. And as Scenera CEO David Lee told Digital Trends, a single platform could enable them to share AI infrastructure for things like improved object recognition – without having to rely on just a single manufacturer’s AI solution.
IoT  AI  machinelearning  camera  imageProcessing  standards 
10 days ago by euler
Build a machine learning image classifier from photos on your hard drive very quickly
That’s it
Now, Classificationbox is an image classifier that you can use in production to automatically classify images.
Unlike other forms of machine learning, you don’t have to be finished at this point. You are free to continue adding teaching examples to improve the model over time. This is useful if you have any kind of human interaction or correction of false positives or false negatives.
machinelearning  imageProcessing  docker 
17 days ago by euler
OpenMV M7 Camera @ SparkFun Electronics
The OpenMV M7 Camera is a small, low-power microcontroller board that allows you to easily implement applications using machine vision in the real world. The best part about the OpenMV is that it is not only capable of image capture, but also face detection, color tracking, QR code reading and plenty more. If you are looking for an economical camera module boasting multiple high-end features, look no further than the OpenMV M7!
openmv  vision  python  micropython  imageprocessing  embedded  sparkfun 
18 days ago by cyberchucktx
TimvanScherpenzeel/image-resizer: CLI tool for resizing and optimising images.
CLI tool for resizing images using sharp and optimising jpg and png files using imagemin. The CLI tool does not require imagemagick or graphicsmagick to be installed.
ImageProcessing  ImageResizer 
18 days ago by MemoryStomp

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