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(PDF) Processing RAW images in Python
PDF | On Apr 6, 2017, Pavel Rojtberg and others published Processing RAW images in Python
python  image_processing  graphics 
23 days ago by raphman
Ganbreeder is a collaborative art tool for discovering images. Images are 'bred' by having children, mixing with other images and being shared via their URL. This is an experiment in using breeding + sharing as methods of exploring high complexity spaces. GAN's are simply the engine enabling this. Ganbreeder is very similar to, and named after, Picbreeder. It is also inspired by an earlier project of mine Facebook Graffiti which demonstrated the creative capacity of crowds. Ganbreeder uses these...
GAN  generative  image_processing  machine_learning  neural_net 
8 weeks ago by motdiem
very cool gan generation and variation
machine_learning  image_processing  code 
9 weeks ago by JeffClark
ModelDepot - DELF
Matches key features against prepopulated database of exemplars.
ml  image_processing 
october 2018 by lobrien

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