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AutoHotKey GUI Interface for ImageMagick montage. Create image tile-sets
AHK GUI for ImageMagick Montage.exe app to combine folder of images into single thumbnail collage image
: IMmI- ImageMagick montage InterfaceWhat is a Tile Set? Click Here! ABOUT: A basic graphical interface for ImageMagicks montage tool. Montage, turns a set of images into 1 (depending on limits) big tiled image. Or turn an animated images into 1 big image (depending on limits). You could also use this as an image converter. This is just a very tiny bit of what the actual commad-line app can do, but t...

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Filepath - "H:\dev_software\AutoHotkey_1.1.27.03\scripts\ahk_functions\dev_app\My_AHK_Library\imagemagick_gui_app\imagemagick_montage_gui.ahk"
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ImageMagick Montage EXE -
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february 2018 by jasondavis
TinyPNG and JPG Image Compression Service as a Adobe Photoshop Plugin
TinyPNG and JPG Image Compression and Optimization service as a Save File Dialog plugin in Adobe PhotoShop!

Compressing JPEG and PNG images just got a whole lot easier
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march 2017 by jasondavis
Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer
"Trained on about 2k stock cat photos and edges automatically generated from those photos. Generates cat-colored objects, some with nightmare faces."
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february 2017 by brennen

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