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The Best Solutions for Securing Video in Membership Websites
Find out how to secure and protect the video content inside your membership website or online course and stop users downloading your content with MemberPress.
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2 days ago by theafter
Telegram has raised an initial $850M for its billion-dollar ICO | TechCrunch
It looks like Telegram’s billion-dollar ICO has reached its first milestone after the chat app company raised an initial $850 million, according to a filing.
A document submitted to the SEC earlier this week states that the money was raised “for the development of the TON Blockchain, the development and maintenance of Telegram Messenger and the other purposes.” The security is described as “purchase agreements for cryptocurrency” and the filing is signed by Telegram CEO Pavel Durov.
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2 days ago by dancall
Keybase is for anyone. Imagine a Slack for the whole world, except end-to-end encrypted across all your devices. Or a Team Dropbox where the server can't leak your files or be hacked.
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7 days ago by lesath
Treatment and management of ascites and hepatorenal syndrome: an update, 2015 Therapeutic Advancements in Gastroenterology
Albumin substitution in spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) and large-volume paracentesis (25-50g/wk), Antibiotic prophylaxis for SBP, D/C beta blockers d/t decreased cardiac compensatory reserve, Withdrawal of nonsteroidal drugs in portal decompensation

In a randomized placebo-controlled study, primary prophylaxis with norfloxacin 400mg qD reduced the incidence of SBP and delayed the development of HRS in patients with cirrhosis, low-protein ascitic fluid (<15 g/l), and advanced liver failure (Child–Pugh score >9)
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8 days ago by bigavz
5 Crazy Things We Learned About Google Today
Google has sold “tens of millions” of Google devices for the home over the past year, including the Google Home, Mini, Max and Chromecast.

“Our AI research and innovation leads the world,” Pichai said during Thursday’s earnings call. “Our mission to better organize the world’s information has been transformed by these technologies, with our search products and the Google Assistant at the heart.” 
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19 days ago by dancall
WhatsApp hits 1.5 billion monthly users. $19B? Not so bad. | TechCrunch
Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp sounds smarter and smarter. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on the Q4 2017 earnings call today that WhatsApp now has 1.5 billion users and sees 60 billion messages sent per day. That’s compared to 1.3 billion monthly users and 1 billion daily active users in July.

The massive growth makes Facebook’s choice to pay more than $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp look prescient. At the time in 2014, WhatsApp had just 450 million monthly active users and 315 million daily active users.
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23 days ago by dancall
How Big Will Telegram's ICO End Up Being? - Crunchbase News
So how big is the Telegram offering? I doubt anyone knows what the final number will be. But it does seem clear that the Telegram ICO will set records, and it will ensure that 2018’s ICO result will be comparable with 2017’s.
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27 days ago by dancall

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