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Japanese Illustrated Books from the Edo and Meiji Periods
The Freer|Sackler Library's collection of illustrated Japanese rare books includes over 1,000 volumes previously owned by Charles Lang Freer. Often filled with color illustrations, many are by famous artists such as Andō Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai. These beautiful woodblock printed works of art were published during the Edo and Meiji periods (1600-1912). Another group of Japanese rare books more recently added to the Library's collections consists of 67 volumes of illustrated Meiji-peri...
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yesterday by dynamo
andy gilmore
Andy Gilmore is a designer, draftsman and musician based in Rochester, New York. His work is an exploration of the physical properties of sound and light put to form.
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2 days ago by PinMarco
Heather Penn
"Heather Penn is a designer and artist living in Los Angeles. She is currently working on the game Overland and other various personal projects in her spare time. If you're interested in keeping up with her work check out "

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3 days ago by robertogreco
Drawing & Inking the Original Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on Paper

Here a study of an original drawing of E.H. Shepard, the original illustrator of Winnie the Pooh.

I drew this with a Palomino Blackwing and inked it with a crow-quill pen and Black Indian Ink by Winsor&Newton
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3 days ago by walt74
Digital Democracy: An Illustrated Rant — Ron Morrison
Digital Democracy is an illustrated comic investigating contemporary understandings of democracy within digital infrastructures. It argues for an understanding of infrastructure as both social and technical and highlights the work of community organizations in Redhook using technology to work together.
democracy  infrastructure  illustration  internet  mesh  networks 
4 days ago by shannon_mattern

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