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Official: Criminal probe underway at Virginia chemical plant
HOPEWELL, Va. (AP) — State and federal authorities have responded to an industrial chemical manufacturing facility as part of what a Virginia official says is a criminal environmental investigation.

AdvanSix said in a statement that authorities were at the company's plant in Hopewell Tuesday to execute a search warrant. Spokeswoman Debra Lewis says the company is "still learning" about the investigation and she can't provide further details.

Ann Regn is a spokeswoman for Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality. She says the agency is taking part in a criminal environmental investigation led by the Environmental Protection Agency.

An EPA spokeswoman confirmed it had employees at the site but declined further comment.

According to AdvanSix's website, the plant southeast of Richmond is one of the world's largest single-site producers of a chemical used to make packaging, plastics and fibers.
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Four held in Tarapur factory explosion
MUMBAI: One of the owners and three employees of Tarapur MIDC based Novaphene Specialities company has been arrested in connection with the explosion and fire in the factory and four adjoining units on March 8.
The explosion had spread to four other chemical units killing three workers of Aarti Drugs and injuring 14 labourers. On late Monday, a watchman Nackched Singh (62) of Prachi Pharmaceuticals died of severe head injuries in a Surat based hospital.
The four arrest were made under IPC section 304 (a) ( causing death by negligence) which is available offence.
The arrests were made by the Boisar police based on the inquiry report submitted by the Director of Industrial Safety and Health ( DISH) that found lapses in the factory.
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3 days ago by dchas
Man indicted for producing ricin in home
ARKANSAS (KATV) — An Arkansas man has been indicted for possessing ricin after local and federal authorities searched a central Arkansas home back in February.
A federal grand jury returned the indictment against 21-year-old Alexander Joseph Jordan on Wednesday for knowingly possessing ricin without obtaining a registration, as required by the Public Health Service Act.
Cody Hiland, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, says Jordan is currently in federal custody. He is set to go before a United States magistrate judge at a later date.
A complaint affidavit details what occurred that day when authorities surrounded a home in the 2000 block of Horseshoe Loop after getting a 911 call of Jordan in distress.
Jordan was taken to UAMS and said he ingested ricin, which he admitted to learning how to make on the Internet. The affidavit says he "got the idea from watching the television show Breaking Bad."
Hiland says Jordan told authorities he combined the ingredients in a blender, and tests showed the blender and two mason jars containing a white substance confirmed positive for ricin.
According to authorities, agents also recovered an receipt for ingredients used to make ricin and paperwork that appeared to be a shopping list and instructions for ricin production.
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9 days ago by dchas
Prosecutions possible for illegal toxic canisters dumper
UPDATE: The person responsible for illegally dumping toxic chemical canisters which exploded and caused the closure of the Chinchilla Waste and Recycling Centre could be prosecuted.
The Western Downs Regional Council believes it has identified the source of the collected waste in which was 20 canisters containing aluminium phosphide.

Each 300g canister holds 90 pellets which can explode when in contact with moisture or water, releasing very toxic gases that can be fatal.

Reports of chemical drums exploding at waste facility
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Dalby Command Acting Inspector Cameron Ashmore said the rubbish truck's compaction had crushed the canisters which mixed the pellets with moisture causing them to heat and later ignite, then explode.

He said the load was dumped in the industrial bin and when facility crews saw the fire they tried to extinguish it with water, exacerbating the situation with the phosphine gas which is "extremely flammable and toxic".
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11 days ago by dchas
Cal State Fullerton student suffers chemical burns during engineering lab experiment
A 24-year-old male Cal State Fullerton student received chemical burns Friday while conducting an experiment in an outdoor lab on the north side of the engineering building. It left a “pungent” white cloud of smoke wafting over two buildings on campus.

The burns were minor, leaving only some redness and blistering on the student’s forearms, some discoloration on his beard and holes in his T-shirt, which did not appear to affect his chest, said University Police Capt. Scot Willey.

“Something went wrong with the concoction they were using. I guess they were using more than they had the last time, and it reacted,” Willey said.

The white smoke cloud, which possibly entered the ventilation system, was brought to the attention of University Police officers at about 12:35 p.m. by a professor and President Fram Virjee.

No 911 call was made and Willey did not know what substance the students were working with.

“The fire department just figured we needed to keep the buildings evacuated, open some windows and doors and let everything air out,” Willey said. “We’ve got this contracted company that came out that night and cleaned up within an hour.”

The affected student washed himself off in a nearby bathroom and told officers that he was okay when they arrived, Willey said.

However, officers and the fire department felt it was necessary for the student to receive further examination, and he was brought to the UC Irvine Medical Center.

He was treated there and released, Cook said in an email.

There was nothing criminal or negligent behind the incident, Willey said, but information was provided to Engineering and Computer Science Interim Dean Susamma Barua and professors to ensure that proper safety measures are in place and adhered to in the future.

Willey did not know whether the group was supervised at the time of the incident.

“It was a group from a class,” Willey said. “I believe what they were doing is something that they’re allowed to do, I just don’t know that they were supposed to be doing that without supervision.”

He was also unsure whether the outdoor laboratories used had chemical wash stations readily available.
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Tropicana casino fire sparked by would-be Walter White's meth lab
A would-be Walter White has been arrested in Atlantic City after his meth lab caused a fire in a Tropicana Casino hotel room.

On Wednesday morning, firefighters responded to a call indicating a fire in progress on the 44th floor of the west tower of the Tropicana’s hotel. The blaze was soon under control and while the smoke forced the evacuation of four hotel floors, no serious injuries were reported and property damage was limited to around $50k.

However, once the smoke cleared and the firefighters got a better look at the room, they discovered the familiar apparatus of a makeshift methamphetamine laboratory. A check of the hotel’s surveillance system revealed three individuals fleeing the premises before the firefighters arrived on the scene.

The three suspects – two male, one female – were located and detained on Wednesday night, although two of them were subsequently released without being charged. But the man who rented the room, 49-year-old Michael Pillar, was charged with maintaining a controlled dangerous substance production facility, possession of methamphetamine and criminal mischief.

The meth lab was reportedly set up in the hotel room’s bathroom but the fire quickly spread to the main room, setting the bed on fire. A quick-thinking hotel staffer attacked the blaze with a fire extinguisher – suffering mild injuries in the process – while the hotel’s sprinkler system helped contain the fire to the single room.
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Roseville brothers arrested after suspected honey oil lab explosion
Roseville police have arrested two brothers after a suspected honey oil lab exploded, damaging the balcony wall of an apartment.

Roseville firefighters responded at 6:18 p.m. Tuesday to a report of an explosion on an apartment balcony in the 1600 block of Vineyard Road. The explosion damaged the wall enclosing the balcony, and the heat from the explosion activated the building’s fire sprinklers, according to a Police Department Facebook post.

When firefighters arrived, they notified police that there were signs of a honey oil lab, an illegal operation that uses butane gas and other equipment to manufacture concentrated cannabis products, the news release said.

Police responded and arrested 57-year-old Gary Arlen Folkerts and his brother, 56-year-old Larry Gene Folkerts, both of Roseville, on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance by means of chemical extraction, keeping a place to sell drugs and conspiracy.
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Structure fire leads to meth lab arrest in Corning
CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Corning Police say they have arrested Katrina L. Breon, 40, of 87 Lamphear Court for unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine in the 3rd degree, a class D felony. 

Officials were called to the scene around 6PM on Saturday for a report of a structure fire.

While there, officers discovered materials and evidence of an existing methamphetamine laboratory. 

Breon was arraigned ion Corning City Court and remanded to the Steuben County Jail in lieu of $4,000 cash or $8,000 property bond. 
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Utah man who runs popular YouTube science channel is charged with possessing explosives during backyard experiments
The man behind the popular science-focused YouTube channel King of Random has been charged with two counts of second-degree felony possession of an explosive device for allegedly conducting incendiary experiments in his backyard.
Jonathan Grant Thompson, of South Jordan, was charged Tuesday for two separate events involving an explosive. He was not arrested.
An initial court appearance has been set for Feb. 21 in West Jordan’s 3rd District Court, according to the court docket, which says a summons will be issued.
When reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, Thompson said he had heard about the charges from media and fans on Twitter. He was upset and confused about the allegations.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Apple supplier accused of chemical safety and overtime violations
Apple is still struggling to improve working conditions at its suppliers. Both China Labor Watch and Bloomberg report that Catcher, a key supplier for iPhone and MacBook casings, makes workers endure harsh safety conditions and unfair work terms in a factory in Suqian. According to observers and discussions with workers, the machines are not only loud, but spray fluid and metallic particles that frequently hit workers' faces (only some of which have access to safety goggles and gloves). Workers suffer health issues such as vision problems, irritation and discoloration. Beyond this, the facility reportedly pumps out wastewater that violates local safety levels, and workers return to cold dorms with no hot water or built-in showers.

CLW adds that the work requirements run afoul of local laws. Factory staff are legally supposed to work 40-hour weeks, but they're actually made to work 10 hours a day for 6 days each week. The scheduling approach also conveniently lets Catcher avoid paying double for overtime, as the law demands. Training frequently stopped at 4 hours when it's supposed to last 24 hours. Even quitting is difficult, according to the report. Contract workers may have to wait weeks to receive their expected wages, and the contracting company frequently refuses to accept resignations.

Both Apple and Catcher say they've investigated CLW's claims, but found no evidence to suggest that the working conditions had violated Apple's code of conduct. It's not clear why that's the case, though, given the multiple reports of illegal activity and Catcher's history of labor violations.
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Former vice president sentenced in 2014 blast at chemical plant
A former vice president of Santa Clara Waste Water Co. was sentenced Monday to serve 120 days in Ventura County jail in connection with a 2014 explosion at the plant's facility. 

Dean Poe, 52, of Ventura, also was ordered to serve three years of formal probation and to pay restitution to the victims affected by the blast, said Senior Deputy District Attorney Dominic Kardum.  

"His sentence reflects his limited involvement in the crimes that took place back in 2014," Kardum said. "That's why we recommended six months in custody. The court saw it slightly differently and imposed less time than we were seeking." 

Poe, who was Santa Clara Waste Water's vice president of oil and gas sales, pleaded guilty in March to a felony conspiracy charge of disposing of hazardous waste. The charge stems from a Nov. 18, 2014, explosion at the company's facility at 815 Mission Rock Road near Santa Paula. The blast injured three Santa Paula firefighters and other employees.

A grand jury indicted Poe and eight other defendants, including Santa Clara Waste Water and its parent company, Green Compass.

"With respect to the co-defendants, he had a lesser role in the people's view compared to other co-defendants whose cases remain pending," Kardum said. 
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9 weeks ago by dchas
PCB: PCB to prosecute firms involved in chemical dump
HYDERABAD: The Telangana State Pollution Control Board has decided to prosecute pharma companies involved in chemical drums dumping cases. Rachakonda police on Monday arrested a gang for dumping chemical drums. Based on the report submitted by the Rachakconda police, the PCB has decided to take the case forward for further action.
PCB investigations revealed that the gang used Yadadri as a dumping ground. Effluent and hazardous waste from Karnataka and AP were also being dumped in Telangana. While gang members and store managers of companies have been arrested, both police and PCB authorities are verifying involvement of pharma company management.
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december 2017 by dchas
Barrel containing chemical explodes at Vashi godown, 2 nabbed for negligence
Navi Mumbai: One barrel filled with highly inflammable chemical solvent exploded due to improper storage at the godown of a transport company located in sector 19, Vashi near the truck terminal.
The incident had occurred at the Okara Trade Parcel Carriers godown on Wednesday evening. The APMC police have arrested the godown manager, Deepak Vishwas and a supplier of chemical solvents, Chandrabhan Kanojiya, for their alleged negligent act.
There was panic among transporters and traders in the locality as barrel pieces flew in the air due to the explosion and one huge piece fell on a new SUV belonging to another transporter, damaging his vehicle. Also, the chemical solvent spilled over the road and the passersby complained of pungent smell and burning eyes.
The explosion occurred near a petrol pump but thankfully, more such chemical filled drums stored at the godown, were not affected. A fire engine from Vashi fire brigade has been stationed near the godown for the past two days to prevent any untoward incident.
Assistant inspector, Ram Chopade said, "Reportedly, the lid of one of the six barrels was not sealed properly and rainwater seeped into it and caused an chemical reaction and led to the explosion."
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december 2017 by dchas
RT : Jamiel Shaw Sr. On The Verdict

My Son Was Murdered By An On His THIRD Gun Charge

The Juror…
KateSteinle  Illegal  from twitter
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