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HTTP error 403.16 - client certificate trust issue
Fix local development issue with Visual studio, IIS, and client certificates
client-certs  iis  visual-studio  fix 
yesterday by mexiguel
Helicon Zoo - a repository of web frameworks and applications for Microsoft IIS.
Helicon Zoo is a single integrated solution to run different popular web technologies and applications on Microsoft IIS. For a convenience it comes as an application repository, from which web applications and complete technology stacks can be easily downloaded and installed. Helicon Zoo brings to IIS support for the following web application engines: PHP, Python (including Django and others), Ruby (including Rails, Sinatra, etc.), Java, Perl, Node.js, Railo (ColdFusion) and Erlang. All these different web applications and technologies can be mixed together on the same server and even within same web site. Plus number of high quality, free and ready-to-run web applications can be installed form Helicon Zoo to your server in a matter of few mouse clicks.
python  iis  iis6 
12 days ago by shearichard
FireDaemon | Create Run Control Any Application As A Windows Service
In the past I have "cooked" CherryPy into a Windows Service with the help of this tool.
windows  python  django  flask  iis  iis6 
12 days ago by shearichard
Automating IIS Feature Installation with Powershell - Rick Strahl's Web Log
You can use the Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature command to install IIS Features as well as any other Windows Features. This command works both on desktop and server versions (server versions also have Enable-WindowsFeature which has the same effect) and makes it pretty easy to automate an IIS install by whittling away a few commands in a Powershell script file.
powershell  IIS 
15 days ago by J0hnS
ISAPI Rewrite 3
ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful regular-expressions-based URL rewriter for IIS. It is compatible with Apache mod_rewrite making it possible to move configurations from Apache to IIS and vice versa just by copying .htaccess files (please see this compatibility chart). It is used for search engine optimization, to proxy another server's content, stop hotlinking or strengthen server security.
iis  web-dev  url-rewriting 
20 days ago by chesterc
IIRF - Ionics Isapi Rewrite Filter
IIRF is a small, cheap, easy to use, URL rewriting ISAPI filter that combines a good price (free!) with good features. It is implemented in about 3200 lines of C code, works with IIS 5.x IIS 6, and IIS7. It does regular-expression matching, URL rewriting, request redirects
iis  web-dev  url-rewriting 
20 days ago by chesterc
Decrypting IIS Passwords to Break Out of the DMZ: Part 2
In this blog I’ll cover how to decrypt application pool and virtual directory credentials stored in the IIS applicationHost.config file
iis  password  recovery 
27 days ago by vegarev
asp.net mvc - IIS hijacks CORS Preflight OPTIONS request - Stack Overflow
Some of this may be relevant to getting Ember Data to work on IIS (it's well into sacrificing frogs country though and varies radically depending on which IIS you're on).
ember.js  iis  asp.net  tasdrsdcl 
8 weeks ago by shearichard

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