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Fix “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer” Error
Note: This article was originally written on Reich Web Consulting has narrowed it’s focus to the web and no longer offers tech support services, so we’ve moved all of our tech…
IE  disabled  fix 
5 days ago by vangoethemstef
How to Kill IE11 - What the Deaths of IE6 and IE8 Tell Us About Killing IE
In order to understand how best to kill IE11, we need to look back to how 2 previous versions of IE met their fate: IE6 and IE8. By examining the strategies employed to kill browsers, we can look at current efforts to sunset IE11. We can predict and evangelize for what may ultimately do it in, finally freeing the JS community from the burden of ES5.
fridayfrontend  browsers  ie11  ie6  ie8  ie  chrome  edge 
26 days ago by spaceninja
List of mobile browser User-Agent strings
[...] Here’s a handy list of UAs that you may want to use. [...]
browser  mobile  reference  2018  internet  chrome.browser  safari  opera  ie  web 
8 weeks ago by ezequiel
Angular and Internet Explorer – Angular In Depth
Angular CLI applications require a couple more steps in order to support Internet Explorer. This article shows you how.
angular  ie 
9 weeks ago by brendan_rice

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