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How to Clone Raspberry Pi SD Cards Using the Command Line in OS X
kidpixo kidpixo • 2 years ago

UPDATE : based on this answer, a better approach would be using pv , the pipe viewer:

# Example Assuming a 2GB disk being copied from /dev/sdb
#without pv would be:
sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=DriveCopy1.dd bs=4096
#with pv:
sudo dd if=/dev/sdb | pv -s 2G | dd of=DriveCopy1.dd bs=4096
440MB 0:00:38 [11.6MB/s] [======> ] 21% ETA 0:02:19
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Justin Partain • 2 years ago

Why doesn't anyone know of ddrescue???

Seriously... Easiest thing in the world, major upgrade over dd, and it GIVES YOU LIVE OUTPUT!!!

sudo ddrescue /dev/disk# ~/raspberrypi.dmg [or .raw or .img]

thats it. ddrescue [commands] infile outfile

To image ONTO the card?
sudo ddrescue -f ~/raspberrypi.dmg [or .raw or .img or whatever] /dev/disk#

I 100% cannot understand why no one uses this guy.... PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD


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Anton Steijn Justin Partain • 2 years ago
Thanks a lot Justin!!!
Way faster method and indeed nice to have some output on the progress..

If you're using OSX:

brew install ddrescue

This method took my writing time from over 3 hours to just 7 mins!
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february 2019 by ndf - MacOS X - ApplePi Baker - Prep SD-Cards for IMG or NOOBS
ApplePi-Baker – Overview
For MacOS X users that have read the article on “How to get an Operating System on a SD-Card“; there are several ways to flash an IMG file on an SD-card, or create NOOBS SD-cards.

None of these tools or methods were to my liking so I threw together an application that can do it the way I like it: The ApplePi-Baker.

Some key points:

* It’s FREE!
Easy detection of the SD-Card device
Quick creation of NOOBS disk
Fast flashing of an IMG file to SD-Card
* Easy way to create an IMG backup of your SD-Card

See the Change Log for what has changed in several version.

Please like ApplePi-Baker at …


## Copyright, Pricing & Liability

It appears that stuff like this is needed, so before you start using ApplePi-Baker:

* This application is TOTALLY FREE! Nobody is to charge you a penny for it … and yes it’s copyrighted!
* You’re using the application at your own risk – so it can fry your computer and make your house implode …
* I created this application for MY OWN personal use – so keep in mind that I’m not your personal helpdesk.

Most recent version (recommended):

DOWNLOAD - ApplePi-Baker 

Platform:  Mac OS X
Version:  1.9.4b
Size:  3.0 MiB
Date:  September 30, 2017

 Download Now

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february 2019 by ndf
[MOBILE-2834] "You authentication token is invalid or has expired ..." + access to previous APKs - Moodle Tracker

Juan Leyva added a comment - Yesterday
Hi Nick,

the "Your authentication token is invalid or has expired.." message is quite normal, it may happen when the user needs to re-enter his credentials (for security reasons, via Moodle security settings you can set an expiration time for access tokens via the app).

Apart from that, messages like "Access exceptions" are due to problems in the server side, maybe the site administrators updated incorrectly the Moodle site?

Finally, old versions can be downloading using this link: and changing the version number (350 for 3.5.0 or 351 for 3.5.1)

If you have any further question, please use the support forum: Moodle for mobile 
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january 2019 by ndf
The Floreio Project
This project is my attempt at organizing the amazing resources Ido Portal has created for us. When I first started trying to make sense of his videos and blog posts, I found that the information was in disarray. In my quest for understanding the content he has available so that I could practice it myself, this page is the result. I hope it helps you MOVE.
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december 2018 by chrisbuchholz
Major new report showcases OU projects in International Teacher Education and Development
Major new report showcases OU projects in International Teacher Education and Development

19 November 2018

Three of the six case studies in a major new report showcase OU projects in International Teacher Education and Development, delivered by the Faculty for Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS) and the International Development Office (IDO).

Education Development Trust (EDT), a leading education charity, has published a report which explores the potential of technology in enhancing the professional development of teachers globally.  ‘Technology supported professional development for teachers: lessons from developing countries‘ cites TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa,, TESS-India ( and English In Action (EIA, as examples of good practice. The report also highlights the OU's expertise in using technology and open education resources to support sustainable changes in teaching practice in developing contexts which ultimately leads to improved learning outcomes for children.

To download the full report here. 
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november 2018 by ndf
Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. It is functionally similar to Dropbox, although Nextcloud is free and open-source, allowing anyone to install and operate it on a private server. Wikipedia


Mazi project.
IDO  ou 
november 2018 by ndf
Sustainable English Language Teacher Development at Scale: Lessons from Bangladesh: Ian Eyres: Bloomsbury Academic
Sustainable English Language Teacher Development at Scale
Lessons from Bangladesh

Editor(s): Ian Eyres, Tom Power, Robert McCormick

See larger image
Published: 06-09-2018
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 296
ISBN: 9781350043473
Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic
Illustrations: 50 bw illus
Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm
RRP: £90.00
Online price: £81.00
Save £9.00 (10%)
OU  IDO  book  OpenUniversity  international  asia  teach 
october 2018 by ndf
The OU in Bangladesh: from intuition to REF impact
The OU in Bangladesh: from intuition to REF impact

Type: OU Events

Date: 03 October 2018

Time: 12:30-14:00

Location: Christodoulou Meeting Room 01 (ground floor)

Come and find out about a decade of OU work in Bangladesh – helping front-line workers improve their practice.

The English in Action (EIA) project challenged the OU to change the way that millions of children and young people in Bangladesh learn communicative English.

How did we approach, innovate and evaluate a new teacher development programme? And what did we learn and what was the impact on teachers and learners?

The WELS International Teacher Education and Development (ITED) Group, in collaboration with the International Development Office (IDO), have grappled with this over the past 10 years.

This story is being told in:
• A new book Sustainable English Language Teacher Development at Scale (published by Bloomsbury Academic)
• Forthcoming Research Excellence Framework (REF) impact case study: The Use of Mobile Learning to improve English Language Teaching in Bangladesh

On Wednesday 3rd October you can come and experience a slice of our learning from Bangladesh – In the words of a teacher: ‘Through EIA … we are well equipped … we have developed our own skills, everything is within us!’
Feel free to bring your lunch and stay as long as you can!
IDO  OU  news  event 
october 2018 by ndf
Ido Grammar - Romaniczo
I've found this to be a pretty handy reference, especially the affixes and pronouns pages. Also has IO-EN and EN-IO dictionaries, although they're just long pages you've gotta Ctrl+F through.
july 2018 by jayeless

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