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Syria will give Idlib ceasefire 'more time' after militants fail to withdraw - The National, Oct 15, 2018
This poses a “significant challenge” to the future of the deal, said Elizabeth Tsurkov, a research fellow specialising in Syria at the Forum for Regional Thinking. “Turkey will need to back up its diplomatic pressure on the jihadists to abide by the deal,” she said.
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From Anguished Appeal to Presidential Tweet: The Doctor Who Changed U.S. Policy - WSJ. Oct 18, 2018
Dr. Albezem and her group looked for a way to get to the president. Allies suggested they hire Trump fundraiser and lobbyist Brian Ballard.

When meeting him earlier this year, Dr. Albezem laid out in chilling terms what was happening in Syria. She vividly described the last seconds of a dying child’s life after a chemical attack.

Mr. Ballard says he was moved. But he didn’t think he could help them. Mr. Trump wasn’t an interventionist and was pushing to withdraw American troops from Syria as soon as possible.

Dr. Albezem persisted, and Mr. Ballard relented. He laid out various ways they could try to influence the president. If you want to make your case directly to Mr. Trump, Mr. Ballard told them, there are small roundtables where you can meet him. One such fundraiser happened to be coming up in a few weeks in Mar-a-Lago.

Dr. Albezem and her fellow activists raised the cash for two seats at an intimate roundtable at the president’s resort in Palm Beach, Fla. The price tag for two seats, according to activists, was $100,000. Dr. Albezem declined to comment on how much she raised for Mr. Trump and the Republican Party.

At the roundtable, the two women urged Mr. Trump to do more in Syria, and Mr. Trump asked aides to get him more information, Ms. Bouzo said.
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Russia and Turkey give more time for Idlib deal in Syria: U.N. | Reuters
Speaking after a regular Syria humanitarian meeting in Geneva, Egeland said Syria’s ally Russia had confirmed that Damascus had scrapped a “very concerning” law allowing the expropriation of land and property from refugees.
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Behind the scenes of the Turkey-Russia Idlib deal | Middle East Eye, Sep 21, 2018
As a result, Turkish foreign and defence ministers went to Russia with a new offer: a demilitarised zone between the rebels and government forces and also a promise to clear Idlib of HTS and similar groups.

According to the sources, the deal was very close to being agreed on even before the Tehran summit, but other factors got in the way.

Now, more than 70,000 fighters are working with Turkey in Idlib and Afrin, while HTS has nearly 15,000 members. Turkey considers the demilitarised zone a chance to convince those who supported HTS in the violent environment of Idlib to leave the group.

A security source told MEE that some members of HTS support Turkey's efforts while others oppose them. Turkish intelligence will work on playing them off against each other.

If dissolution and separation doesn't work, targeting HTS in small-scale military operations along with the other opposition groups is an alternative path.

More than 90 percent of HTS members are Syrians, and both Turkey and Russia consider them "criminal cases under Syrian government's responsibility". As a result, rebels who do not cooperate with the Turkish army on the ground and violate the deconfliction rules will be handed to the government police.
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Syrian army preparing phased Idlib assault - source | Reuters, Aug 29, 2018
The offensive would initially target southern and western parts of the insurgent territory, but not yet Idlib city, said the source, an official in the regional alliance backing Assad.
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Offenbar mehr als 10.000 Terroristen im syrischen Idlib |
Die Region Idlib im Nordwesten Syriens ist die letzte große Rebellenhochburg des Bürgerkriegslandes. Russland als Schutzmacht der Regierung und die Türkei als Verbündeter der bewaffneten Opposition haben sich darauf geeinigt, dort bis zum 15. Oktober eine entmilitarisierte Pufferzone zu errichten. So soll eine angedrohte Offensive der Regierungstruppen verhindert werden.

Nach den Informationen der deutschen Regierung verfügen Milizen, die nicht Al-Kaida nahestehen, in der Region Idlib über mindestens 55.000 Kämpfer. Die stärkste Gruppe sei mit bis zu 50.000 Mann die Nationale Befreiungsfront, ein Zusammenschluss moderat-islamistischer Gruppen.

Die HTS-Miliz kontrolliert große Teile der Region Idlib. Sie hat sich offiziell von Al-Kaida losgesagt, gilt aber in vielen Ländern noch als deren syrischer Ableger. Der UN-Syrienbeauftragte Staffan de Mistura hatte die Zahl der HTS-Kämpfer in Idlib auf 10.000 geschätzt.
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Battle for Syria's last major rebel bastion on hold as Putin and Erdogan meet to discuss next moves | The Independent
“For the time being, everything is postponed,” Mr Oliver said. “There is no final agreement and no final disagreement.” // that's the zeitgeist right there. in any case an excellent article
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RT : Demonstrations all over today as people demand freedom we take for granted+slaughtered relentlessly by…
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RT : Very proud because I was born from ,
Idlib province received all civilians who displaced and became the prov…
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RT : A lesson with my students in . They are wonderful heroes.
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