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You know, that puddle should have its own blog.
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may 2008 by kanarinka
The Institute for Feline & Human Collaboration (IFHC),
is a site for ongoing projects in interspecies communication + interaction.
IFHC was established in 1996 and is currently based in Banff, Canada.
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september 2007 by kanarinka
Designs of the time: Vital Signs
Town Crying
A Lone Twin project
19 - 29 July 2007, various locations
Performance art group Lone Twin is renowned internationally for creating performances through making journeys and explorations into places. In Town Crying, it will collaborate with
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july 2007 by kanarinka
Johann Tetzel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The idea of immaterial art is identical to the medieval history of the Catholic Church and Christian papal theology in regard to indulgences. It was only during this time that Johann Tetzel, the father of intangible art, coul
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may 2007 by kanarinka
n this semi-extreme performance, 6 curious artists strip away not only most of modern life's familiar structures, but an entire dimension: they have elected to inhabit a structure that effectively forces them to live in 2 dimensions.
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may 2007 by kanarinka
the Fireladders of Soho
Map & drawing renderings of all of the fire escapes in Soho NYC
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april 2007 by kanarinka
Mobile Studios - MISS EUROPE CENTER, Andrea Schneemeier
The Miss Europe Center works as a production office, information bureau and a platform for dialog.
The interior of the office is using propaganda material from the offical EU center which was formerly located in the nearby street, but moved to a back str
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april 2007 by kanarinka
The Eggcorn Database
An eggcorn is an idiosyncratic substitution of a word or phrase for one that sounds the same. This site catalogs common ones.
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august 2006 by joeyday

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