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U and non-U: The upper class rules are changing | Tatler
Hard to tell if serious. As ever with these things if you need a list then you are non.
culture  uk  idiocy 
6 weeks ago by mr_stru
State: All 366 on local list of potential noncitizen voters are citizens | Elections |
It's funny how frequently Republican claims of massive voter fraud turn out to be bullshit.
Texas  GOP  Republicans  Voting  Elections  Idiocy 
6 weeks ago by Membranophonist
The Tyranny Of The Stupid & Mendacious | The Z Blog
In fairness, you can be smart and have a lot of crazy ideas in your head. The Unibomber was a genius. Ted Kaczynski graduated high school at 15 and was a professor of mathematics at Cal Berkeley at 25. His tested IQ was 167. There’s no denying he was a brilliant man, but he also sent bombs to people in the mail. The old line about there being a fine line between genius and madness always comes up in these cases, but the truth is, you can be both a genius and have a head full of nutty ideas.

Similarly, you can be a genius and be extremely weird or unpleasant. Richard Feynman was a brilliant physicist and a terrible human being, by most accounts. He was often described as ruthless and amoral. Another brilliant physicist was Paul Dirac, who is counted as one of the weirdest people in the history of science.
7 weeks ago by astrogirl
Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out | Technology | The Guardian
Jones is truly heinous. A huckster who has endangered real people so he can sell snakeoil to dumbasses.
Conspiracies  Harassment  Violence  Idiocy 
7 weeks ago by Membranophonist
Year in Review 2018: Rise of the Alt-Arch - Metropolis Magazine
On the "old things are pure and right and western and modern things are bad" architecture accounts on twitter etc.
architecture  culture  right-wing  idiocy  grim-meathook-future 
8 weeks ago by mr_stru
Hitman Runner Mark Fellows Convicted of Mob Murder on GPS Watch Data
“…he did not appear to consider witnesses would notice a cyclist wearing both commando gear and a hi-vis safety vest while toting a gun…”
GPS  Crime  Idiocy 
8 weeks ago by Membranophonist
Trump speech: an underwhelming address by a president without a plan
“When Republicans controlled Congress, Democrats offered Trump a deal: the wall for legalizing the young undocumented immigrants known as DREAMers. ‘I’ll take a bucket, take bricks, and I’ll start building it myself,’ said Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL). ‘We will dirty our hands in order for the DREAMers to have a clean future in America. Then why haven’t we settled this?’ They didn’t settle it because Trump refused the deal.… His sense of negotiations is fundamentally zero-sum: One side has to lose and one side has to win. If Trump gives Democrats anything they can present as a win, he will look like a loser. As such, he can’t give them the concessions that might get him the wall because what he’d be giving up — his image as a winner — is more important to him than the policy he’d be gaining. If all this sounds ridiculous, well, it is.”
usa  news  politics  trump  idiocy 
10 weeks ago by syskill
Fake Jews – Talking Points Memo
“Only it wasn’t a rabbi, or at least not one who would be recognized as such by American Jews.” Pence only likes Christian Jews.
Pence  Religion  Judaism  Idiocy  GOP  Republicans 
october 2018 by Membranophonist

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