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Toolkits – Social Design
Methodensammlungen und Toolkits, um mit Hilfe von Social Design Impulse zu setzen. Von IDEO, Nesta, frog design, der Young Foundation, dem DESIS Network, dem Design Council, dem Helsinki Design Lab u.a.m.
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3 days ago by gwippich
“Design Thinking”: Defending Silicon Valley at the Apex of Global Labor Hierarchies | Irani | Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience
By drawing on artifacts, documents, public debates about the design profession from this period, I will demonstrate how champions of “design thinking” responded to expanded availability of design labor globally by figuring Asians and machines as the creative subject's Other.
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17 days ago by beep
re:Work - Innovation isn’t rocket science
According to IDEO, the leaders of organizations who successfully build innovative cultures exhibit the same five behaviors.

“Innovation isn’t about products, it’s about people. An organization’s leaders need to empower their people to innovate.” @Duanebray shares 5 patterns of leadership behaviors that stoke a culture of innovation
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april 2018 by jorgebarba

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