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From counting steps to changing behavior – IDEO Stories – Medium
Four design principles to build more human-centered, sticky, and successful self-tracking services
design  ideo  designthinking 
23 days ago by jorgebarba
9 Ideas Shaping The Future Of Design, According To Ideo, Microsoft, Autodesk, MIT, And More
“Our profession is in between ‘utopia and oblivion.’ It will be oblivion if we continue focusing on minor aesthetic problems.”
future  design  politics  sociology  ideo  microsoft  mit  fastcodesign 
29 days ago by jorgebarba
Design Kit by IDEO
Design Kit is's platform to learn human-centered design, a creative approach to solving the world's most difficult problems.
development  design  ideo  visualization  creativity 
5 weeks ago by pgorrindo
Design Kit
Toolkit for human-centred design, providing some mindsets, methods and case studies
DesignKit  IDEO  toolkit  design 
6 weeks ago by mattclack
Burton Rast
Hello, world. My name is Burton Rast — assumed name, ‘mister burton’ — and I'm a Principal Designer at IDEO in San Francisco, California. At IDEO, I lead project teams, sling code, design user interfaces, visualize data, research, interview, prototype and test, all with the aim of positively impacting people's lives through new-to-the-world user experiences.
designer  ideo  inspiration 
9 weeks ago by kiranmaxweber
Oh Snap – IDEO Stories – Medium
"But for me, as a designer, I learned that sometimes a polished and professional design isn’t the most effective. Sometimes when you’re trying to create a great human experience, everything comes to life when you stop trying to control and instead step back and enable."
UCD  ucucd  ucucd17  Design  IDEO 
9 weeks ago by djtrischler

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