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Design Thinking Online Courses - IDEO U
Unlock your creative potential through IDEO U

We're part of IDEO—an award-winning global design company that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to help organizations innovate and grow.

Learn IDEO's approach to design thinking and creative leadership through IDEO U—an online school that equips individuals with the tools and mindsets necessary to ignite creative confidence and tackle complex challenges.
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15 days ago by act111
Design Thinking Online Courses
IDEO U is an online school where leaders can unlock their creative potential and build their problem-solving skills.
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8 weeks ago by roggedoggelito
IDEO Design Thinking | IDEO | Design Thinking
IDEO introduces design thinking, how it came to be, how it is being used, and steps and tools for mastering it.
ideo  designthinking 
august 2019 by macgrrl
Design Kit
Human-centered design is a practical, repeatable approach to arriving at innovative solutions. Think of these Methods as a step-by-step guide to unleashing your creativity, putting the people you serve at the center of your design process to come up with new answers to difficult problems.
ideo  Design 
august 2019 by ftofani
Shape - IDEO’s Visual Collaborative Tool - Build, Test, and Refine Your Ideas
Shape is IDEO’s latest digital innovation tool for building, testing, and refining your ideas.
product  research  online  canvas  workshop  facilitation  design  thinking  idea  generate  ideo 
july 2019 by roggedoggelito
Design Kit
Design Kit Travel Pack
Bite-sized design tools to spark creativity and collaboration
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april 2019 by garcon

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