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The New Yorker: Crying in H Mart
I wonder how many people at H Mart miss their families. How many are thinking of them as they bring their trays back from the different stalls. Whether they’re eating to feel connected, to celebrate these people through food. Which ones weren’t able to fly back home this year, or for the past ten years? Which ones are like me, missing the people who are gone from their lives forever?
memory  family  southkorea  food  shopping  identity  philadelphia  cancer  asianamerican 
yesterday by allaboutgeorge
Stuart Hall (cultural theorist) - Wikipedia
Hall's second definition of cultural identity

Hall's second definition of cultural identity "recognises that, as well as the many points of similarity, there are also critical points of deep and significant difference which constitute 'what we really are'; or rather – since history has intervened – 'what we have become.'"[35] In this view, cultural identity is not a fixed essence rooted in the past. Instead, cultural identities “undergo constant transformation” throughout history as they are "subject to the continuous 'play' of history, culture, and power".[35] Thus Hall defines cultural identities as “the names we give to the different ways we are positioned by, and position ourselves within, the narratives of the past.”[35] In other words, for Hall cultural identity is "not an essence but a positioning."[35]
identity  culture_studies 
yesterday by jstenner
It frustrates me that I believe that the way we're handling identity and social relationships on the current iteration of the fediverse is Very Wrong
It frustrates me that I believe that the way we're handling identity and social relationships on the current iteration of the fediverse is Very Wrong, but it's just a lot of talk from me until I can demo with real code I guess

I hope we don't get locked into dangerous antipatterns before it's too late to shift the direction of the network
ActivityPub  webfinger  identity 
2 days ago by saper
Okta | Always On
Provide secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile device for your employees, partners and customers with Okta
2 days ago by samhuleatt | Identify anonymous website visitors
Snitcher shows you which companies are visiting your website, and what they do there
identity  company:enterprise 
2 days ago by samhuleatt
Customers - Auth0
Auth0 is used by many companies and apps to manage their authentication. Learn who are they and how they use Auth0 as an Identity Platform.
2 days ago by samhuleatt
The American Scholar: The Privilege Predicament
The absurdity inherent in all of this should not obscure the damage it has wrought: damage in sowing confusion even about the obvious—about the difference between what is important and less important, between doing what is injurious and being deficient in doing what is positively good, between sponsoring injustice and simply living more or less modestly in an imperfect world. To be unable to make these kinds of elementary distinctions is to be radically impaired, and there seems to me no question that the tendency to invoke privilege has exacerbated that impairment. There was, at the heart of the privilege turn, an aspiration to enlightenment. But the partisans committed to promoting the privilege critique are mainly interested in drawing hard lines separating the guilty from the saved, the serenely oblivious from the righteous, fiercely aggrieved, and censorious.
privilege  rhetoric  identity-politics  identity  modernity  robert-boyers 
3 days ago by chriskrycho
Coinbase acquires Distributed Systems to build ‘Login with Coinbase’ | TechCrunch
Coinbase wants to be Facebook Connect for crypto. The blockchain giant plans to develop “Login with Coinbase” or a similar identity platform for decentralized app developers to make it much easier for users to sign up and connect their crypto wallets. To fuel that platform, today Coinbase announced it has acquired Distributed Systems, a startup founded in 2015 that was building an identity standard for dApps called the Clear Protocol.

The five-person Distributed Systems team and its technology will join Coinbase. Three of the team members will work with Coinbase’s Toshi decentralized mobile browser team, while CEO Nikhil Srinivasan and his co-founder Alex Kern are forming the new decentralized identity team that will work on the Login with Coinbase product. They’ll be building it atop the “know your customer” anti-money laundering data Coinbase has on its 20 million customers. Srinivasan tells me the goal is to figure out “How can we allow that really rich identity data to enable a new class of applications?”
bitcoin  blockchain  deals  identity 
4 days ago by dancall
Dock: Control Your Information Across the Web via blockchain
Dock is a decentralized data exchange protocol giving people control and ownership of their data and creating interoperability between networks. Dock gives you ownership of your data and connects your online accounts using blockchain technology.
dock  blockchain  identity  security  privacy  protocol 
5 days ago by cyberchucktx
Blockchain for Humanity: Turning Invisible Children into Invincible Ones
Drawing on original research and resources, this report reframes the challenges for identifying and protecting children as a result of the migration crisis in the Middle East and Europe, as well as the ensuing risks of trafficking and abuse. It discusses new approaches to the identification of children and highlights the important role that existing and emergent technologies — including innovations in biometrics and blockchain technology — can play in establishing their identities. In this riveting TEDx Talk, World Identity Network (WIN) co-founder and CEO Dr. Mariana Dahan offers a glimpse of the immense problems linked to lack of personal identity, from the "invisible" children phenomena, to human trafficking and modern slavery.
blockchain  activism  identity  profile  ted 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx

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