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Titania McGrath: 'Queen of woke Twitter culture' sheds his online mask
When a former Oxford University postgraduate student set up a satirical Twitter account in April 2018 under the name of Titania McGrath, he had no idea of the social media storm that was to follow.
Pretty sure he knew what reaction he wanted, and it's precisely what he got. Does the writer seriously think somebody set up a provocative satire account wasn't aiming to provoke?
Andrew Doyle is the 40-year-old comedian behind the satirical Twitter account Titania McGrath
Why on earth does the lede note that he was a doctoral student at Oxford? Does that mean he's right, because he went to Oxford however many years ago?

God this stuff is so bad and obvious, it makes me want to claw my eyes out. Utterly unsuprised this man is a co-writer of Jonathan Pie. What really annoys me is that I do think there are genuine problems with what is termed "identity politics", in its execution if not in its (worthy) goals, that could stand healthy criticism. But this kind of Matt-cartoon-for the-still-living content---the stale jokes that the Andrew Doyles and the Giles Corens of this world made the whole JCR guffaw to in 1999 before landing a writing gig over innumerably funnier but less well-connected candidates---this ain't it.
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15 days ago by tkmharris
Would any publisher dare to print Lolita now? | The Spectator
The author comes up with an impossible-to-falsify conjecture, then backs it up with some anecdotes. I'm pretty sure Lolita's safe.
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16 days ago by tkmharris
Why the Left Can’t Stand The New York Times - Columbia Journalism Review
when it comes to journalism, committed capitalists are always better materialists than the liberals. And that’s why I read FT. Sure, they’re rooting for the other team, but at least they know the game.
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22 days ago by geof
When Exclusion Replaces Exploitation
The Condition of the Surplus-Population under Neoliberalism
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4 weeks ago by rohan
Liberal Critics of Liberalism | The American Conservative
Identity politics are an essential component of neoliberalism, the extension of market relations across borders and into all spheres of life. …When rewards are assigned efficiently in proportion to merit, then not only is total output maximized, but the winners feel no qualms about the plight of the losers.
7 weeks ago by geof
Why We Fell for Clean Eating - The Guardian - Pocket
Among the affluent classes who already ate a healthier-than-average diet, the Instagram goddesses created a new model of dietary perfection to aim for. For the rest of the population, however, it simply placed the ideal of healthy food ever further out of reach.
9 weeks ago by geof
‘The gilets jaunes are unstoppable’ - spiked
The elites present themselves as anti-fascist and anti-racist but this is merely a way of defending their class interests. It is the only argument they can muster to defend their status, but it is not working anymore.
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9 weeks ago by geof

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