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What do Samsung TV model numbers actually mean? Why are they so long? | Samsung Support UK
Samsung TV model numbers are given to describe the TVs. Each part gives information such as the type of TV, region, screen size, model year, and more.
samsung  model  find  search  id  identifier  serial  number  decode  tv  television 
8 weeks ago by ebouchut
ai/nanoid: A tiny (141 bytes), secure, URL-friendly, unique string ID generator for JavaScript
A tiny (141 bytes), secure, URL-friendly, unique string ID generator for JavaScript - ai/nanoid
identifier  uuid  javascript 
8 weeks ago by jgornick
What’s a slug – ITNEXT
A short explanation of what slugs are, with some examples of why they are useful.
humanreadable  identifier  intro  webapi 
11 weeks ago by gilberto5757
GitHub - ulid/spec: The canonical spec for ulid
The canonical spec for ulid. Contribute to ulid/spec development by creating an account on GitHub.
guid  replacement  alternative  identifier  uuid  unique 
january 2019 by gilberto5757

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