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Problems vs Opportunity | Copy Chief
The issue with the P.A.S. framework is that you're swimming upstream in this market. Right now, your readers are all about greed. They think Trump is the messiah and nothing bad will happen as long as he's at the helm.

So, what problem would you bring up? They fact that they need income? They already know that. So, it sounds like old news. That the market will crash? On the logical level, they'll believe you. But on the emotional level, they just want to keep racking up the gains. So, the logic goes out the window.


Big Idea copy (what you're learning to write) is for market saturation, and it also enables you to cast a wider net than PAS copy.
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2 days ago by cmananian
The Local Maximum
One strategy we might employ is to optimize until we reach a point of diminishing returns: design until changes just aren’t having a big effect. Then, stop optimizing and return to other kinds of analysis to figure out the next steps. Conduct interviews. Do user testing. Give surveys, ask questions. Find out the biggest existing pain points instead of focusing on tiny design elements at this stage. Focus at the activity-level. What are people trying to accomplish? What are their higher-level goals? What aren’t people doing that we want them to? What big hurdles keep them from taking the next action? This level of insight will allow you to make those bigger changes.
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september 2018 by roboto

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