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out of the blue
Jack keeps accidentally having sex with Connor McDavid.

Also, he may or may not be falling for some dude over Twitter that he's never even met.

(These two facts are in no way related.)
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4 weeks ago by wolfgrin
the more that i know you (the more i want to)
Connor would never have dreamed of it happening, when they were named to the same team.

He certainly doesn't expect it to continue.


(Or, Connor and Jack hook up at the World Cup. What comes next is... well. New.)
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  idday  connormcdavid  jackeichel  comingout  2017  <030k  nhldraft2015 
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we are the ones (the ones you left behind)
So, like.

Dylan's having a shit year.

(It probably makes him an asshole, the fact that it makes him feel better that Jack is, too. And yet.)
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may 2018 by wolfgrin
roll like a rolling stone - Idday
After the combine, Jack drives herself out to a strip mall north of Boston, parks in front of the little nail salon that nobody else knows that she knows about.

When she has the choice, she keeps her nails like this—long, just this side of sharp, painted a deep red.

// (She fights for what she has. She has to.) [4,971 words]
rpf:sports  sport:hockey  mcdavid/eichel  idday  genderswap 
october 2017 by cunningplan
the more that i know you (the more i want to) - Idday
Connor would never have dreamed of it happening, when they were named to the same team.

He certainly doesn't expect it to continue.

// (Or, Connor and Jack hook up at the World Cup. What comes next is... well. New.) [12,713 words]
rpf:sports  sport:hockey  mcdavid/eichel  idday  secretrelationship  worldcup  comingout 
february 2017 by cunningplan
Seven-Year Itch - Idday
“I’m sorry,” Georgia says slowly, like she thinks she misheard him. “You said you’re… married?”

Amanda raises her eyebrows and taps something onto her keyboard. “That’s good to know, Mr. Zimmermann, but I’m sure you know that many of our players are married.”

“Right, but this is… different.” Jack says.

“Jack,” Georgia says, “Why did you never mention this before? Do I know your wife?”

“I’m sure you do,” Jack says carefully, “Only… it’s not a wife. It’s Kent Parson.”

// So what if they’re not pretending to be married. They’re still pretending to be happily married. [14,310 words]
checkplease!  jack/kent  idday  marriage  secretrelationship  fakerelationship 
january 2017 by cunningplan
7-0-2 - Idday
Kent does not have hoes in different area codes.

What he does have are the numbers of several professional hockey players discreetly saved into his phone—Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto.

It works for them, because they all have the same thing to lose as he does and they all understand his schedule and none of them expect to talk at all between visits.

It works for Kent because he doesn’t believe in getting attached.

// Alyosha is different. [4,508 words]
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november 2016 by cunningplan
this dream isn't feeling sweet - Idday
“I’m sorry,” Georgia says, her voice soft. “We would like to thank you for all your contributions to the Falconers. You will be missed in Providence. We wish you all the best with the Houston Aeros, and know that you will have a great career there. They’ll need you in Houston for tomorrow night’s game.”

(It's just hockey. Nothing personal.) [11,855 words]
checkplease!  jack/bitty  idday  trade  angst  breakup  friendship  kent/tater 
october 2016 by cunningplan
No Other Love - Idday
And maybe it’s irony, or the universe at work, or maybe it’s just Derek Hale’s shitty luck, but that’s when, at that exact moment (as Stiles will swear later), there’s a knock on the door.
“Laura?” Derek breathes in disbelief, and Stiles feels his own face fall into confused slackness.
Because the girl standing in the doorway? The last time Stiles had seen her—or, well, half of her—she’d been very naked, and very, very dead.
“Hey, baby bro,” she says with a grin.

// OR: The one where Laura comes back from the dead, and it turns out to be bad for Stiles, because he’s suddenly spending a lot of quality time with one of the coolest people he’s ever met, and her brother. The guy that he might be just a little in love with.
He's not okay. [18,745 words]
teenwolf  derek/stiles  idday  siblings  backfromdead 
february 2016 by cunningplan
Idday - With Delayed Expression
"I have… well… she said that she thinks that I maybe have… PTSD?”

The line goes so dead that Derek almost thinks Stiles hung up on him. He waits eight very quiet seconds, and says softly, “Stiles?”

“I’m sorry, what?” Stiles says, breath whooshing back over the phone line.

“I have PTSD,” Derek says more firmly. It’s the first time he’s said it out loud, not as a question. It hasn’t really seemed real, until now. He’d spent the whole of his last session arguing that Tamara was wrong about him, and saying it out loud is like admitting it’s true. “Post-traumatic stress dis—”

“I know what it means,” Stiles interrupts, “I just didn’t think I’d heard right. Oh my God.”
teenwolf  idday  slash  derek/stiles  healing  ptsd  recovery  kate.issues  therapy  get.together  wc:10-20k 
march 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Idday - In Cups of Coffee
Stiles breaks up with Derek on a Tuesday.

It's the hardest thing he's ever had to do, and he wants to get it done as soon as possible so he can go burrow into his self-hatred and stay there.
teenwolf  idday  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  established.relationship  breakup  get.together  epiphany  HEA  wc:5-10k 
august 2014 by goodgriefcharlie

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