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Gov. Brad Little’s first State of the State address in full | Idaho Statesman
"My friends, if we create an environment that brings about economic prosperity, if we continue to invest and modernize education, if we do what we can to make healthcare accessible and affordable, if we invest in our infrastructure, if we protect our natural resources, and if we assure citizen confidence in government, we will keep our best and brightest here in Idaho."
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NRCS National Water and Climate Center
Snowpack and precipitation, current and historical
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States People Flee, and Where They Go | Builder Magazine | Demographics
Other reasons for the high percentage of moves to the Mountain West in 2018 include retirement (28.1%), proximity to family (20.8%) and lifestyle change (19.4%). Compared to all other states, Idaho saw the largest influx of new residents desiring a lifestyle change (25.95%), and more people flocked to New Mexicofor retirement than any other state (42.74%).
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7-Day Forecast for Banner Ridge
Latitude 44.01°N and Longitude 115.61°W (Elev. 6161 ft)
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Census Bureau Releases New Data on Idaho Cities, Towns from 2013-2017 | idaho@work
Idahoans who don’t own their homes saw a $28 increase in median gross rent from $764 in 2012-2016 (adjusted for inflation) to $792 in 2013-2017.

Idaho’s median household income increased $1,811 from the 2013-2017 survey period to $50,985.
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