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treknovelfest | From The Terran Coyote to The Klingon K'Ortar: Tricksters of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants
The below tale is but one of hundreds of "Trickster Steals Fire" folktales that can be found in almost every culture across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It was originally transmitted orally, and the first written record of T'Kay (also known as T'Lei, and in some variants from the Southern hemisphere, a male figure known as Saa'n) appeared in fragments of the pre-Reformation poetry recovered from the Kir Region of Northern Vulcan in 1521 C.E.
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taraljc: it came from the 1970s!
Continuing my quest to get more folks to potentially nominate it for [info]yuletide here everything you need to know about Man From Atlantis
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Just Desserts
Anyone who thinks married people are boring obviously hasn't met Fox and David Xanatos.
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taraljc: Ad Astra
Putting into practice that which he had previously understood only in theory was more difficult than Spock had anticipated. Rated PG.
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may 2009 by esther_a

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