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Wolfenstein Goodies Home and Updates
For Wolfenstein Goodies from A to Z, start here. ;o)
fps  computing  fandom  dos  wolfenstein  gaming  homepage  id  msdos  retrocomputing 
19 hours ago by jccalhoun
‘Sign In With Apple’ Earns Mixed Reactions From App Makers | WIRED
[leah] Culver has relied on Facebook’s social graph to make it easy for people in the Breaker podcast app to connect with their friends; in the case of someone using Sign In with Apple, they’ll have to go through the added step of finding friends in the app.

But Kanich, the security researcher from the University of Illinois in Chicago, describes this as part of the ultimate tension that exists between Apple, its developer community, and its customers.

He describes Sign In with Apple as a “one-trick pony”—and that’s a good thing from a security perspective, he says. Whereas something like Facebook is a rich application that people use for lots of data sharing, Sign In with Apple is one discrete product without much of a social graph. Which means even if a hacker were able to breach it, the fallout would be limited compared to the Facebook breach.

“This goes back to the fact that Apple is going to maintain more control of your identity,” Kanich says. “And that gives Apple more control, which the third-party app makers don’t like. But the third parties aren’t the customers; the users are the customers. And that’s where that tension will really build.”
sicurezza  id  apple  facebook  google  spunti  app  ios 
9 days ago by nicoladagostino
To understand customers, first you need to understand their Device Graphs - MarTech Today
Martech Today explainer article on Device Graphs. Mentions vendors Drawbridge and Tapad. Explains significance for attribution
device  graph  ID  explainer  DIG30003  DIG70002  attribution 
29 days ago by pciszewski
Deterministic and Probabilistic Links - Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op
Short Adobe help article reasonably understanding explanation of Device Graph and Links, Deterministic and Probabilistic
device  graph  ID  explainer  DIG30003  DIG70002  Adobe 
29 days ago by pciszewski
ID Graph: What is it and how can it benefit cross-device tracking?
Great explainer of Device Graph concept (more generally ID graph) with solid explanation of deterministic vs probabilistic matching
device  graph  ID  explainer  DIG30003  DIG70002 
29 days ago by pciszewski
What do Samsung TV model numbers actually mean? Why are they so long? | Samsung Support UK
Samsung TV model numbers are given to describe the TVs. Each part gives information such as the type of TV, region, screen size, model year, and more.
samsung  model  find  search  id  identifier  serial  number  decode  tv  television 
5 weeks ago by ebouchut
AT&T and Comcast claim “anti-robocalling milestone” with new Caller ID tech | Ars Technica
Caller ID will be verified when AT&T and Comcast customers call each other.
AT&T and Comcast today said they have completed a successful cross-network test of a new Caller ID authentication system, and they plan to roll out the technology to consumers later this year.
AT&T and Comcast are among the phone providers implementing the new "SHAKEN" and "STIR" protocols, which use digital certificates to verify that Caller ID numbers aren't being spoofed.
Today's AT&T/Comcast announcement said the carriers completed "an exchange of authenticated calls between two separate providers' voice networks that is believed to be the nation's first." They called the test an "anti-robocalling fraud milestone."
SHAKEN and STIR will work best when all carriers use it, because that would enable Caller ID authentication when a customer of one carrier calls a customer of another carrier. The technology can be used with mobile phone services and many home or business phones, but it isn't compatible with older landline services that rely on TDM instead of IP.
telco  robocalls  technology  ID  authentication  cellphones 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194

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