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The Imitation Game: Will China’s Investments Reshape Africa’s Internet? – @ThinkDemocracy
Power 3.0 Blog, National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

"...[W]hile Beijing frames its involvement in African ICT sectors as a diplomatic gesture, there has been insufficient debate about the impact it could have on free expression and political pluralism on the Internet in Africa. For instance, the actions of Huawei and ZTE have raised concerns in a number of democracies—including Australia and India—that these companies may facilitate surveillance and other interference activities that benefit the Chinese government. But just as significantly for the integrity of democracies, this infrastructure may reflect the Chinese government’s vision of “Internet sovereignty,” which promotes state control of online activity within a country’s borders as a matter of political security, without regard for free expression. This raises concerns for fragile democracies in the region"

- Emeka Umejei, research associate, University of the Witwatersrand
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Congrats to our and for making 's list of 100 most influential people in in 2018…
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7 days ago by teromakotero
World Forum for Democracy
Theme for 2018: Gender Equality: Whose Battle? - Strasbourg, France, 19-21 November 2018. Focused particularly on women’s public, political and economic participation and on combating violence against women in the wake of #MeToo.
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"analysis revealed 6 desired areas of learning: (a) aspects, (b) how to use for & , (…
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Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind | Smart News | Smithsonian
"A new study suggests that exposure to large home libraries may have a long-term impact on proficiency in three key areas" - Man, I have a bunch of opinions about this, mainly because "books"
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7 weeks ago by danhon
Provision of a bespoke software development, maintenance and support services to SARS
Provision of a bespoke software development, maintenance and support services to SARS
8 weeks ago by khalil
Center for Humane Technology
"Join the Time Well Spent Movement - Together, we can get technology platforms to stop hijacking our minds and start putting our well-being first."
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9 weeks ago by kmo
Tech Impact
"Our mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world." On October 1st, 2018 Tech Impact will be merging with Idealware to create one single nonprofit organization.
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