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»69,900 Free Flat Icons in any format, size and color in 20 seconds«. Stilistisch einheitlich aber in plattformspezifischen Varianten. Bestimmte Pro-Features, etwa die Definition eines Icon-Fonts, sind kostenpflichtig.
yesterday by kopischke
nerd fonts: Iconic font aggregator, collection, and patcher
34 patched fonts: Hack, Source Code Pro, +. Popular glyph collections: Font Awesome, Octicons, +.
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3 days ago by natelandau
Depixelizing Pixel Art
Johannes Kopf and Dani Lischinski — SIGGRAPH 2011 — “We describe a novel algorithm for extracting a resolution-independent vector representation from pixel art images, which enables magnifying the results by an arbitrary amount without image degradation...”
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3 days ago by cwr

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