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Favicon Checker
See how your favicon hold up across popular browsers, including native dark and light modes.
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yesterday by mycotn
GitHub - jacobwgillespie/styled-icons: 💅 Font Awesome, Feather, Material Design, and Octicons icon packs as Styled Components
💅 Font Awesome, Feather, Material Design, and Octicons icon packs as Styled Components - jacobwgillespie/styled-icons
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2 days ago by Rude
Common icon design problems you should avoid - Yellowstroke.com
The complexity of the icon The proportion of the icon The concreteness of the icon Relevancy of the icon Cultural sensitivity
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5 days ago by garcon
Vector icon speed runs - Album on Imgur
A snowflake, using appearance transform in Illustrator.

A spiral icon thing, made with shape width and transform.

Another attempt at a magnet.
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5 days ago by effulgence

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