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Prepo 2 - Mac and iOS - Preview, resize and export icon and @2x artwork for app development
iOS app designers little helper, manage icons of all sizes before submitting to the appstore
itunes  development  mac  appstore  developer  software  artwork  icon 
7 hours ago by Denis
Free vector icons: Retro Volume 1 by Frexy - Dribbble
I used these icons when customizing my Pocket Chip as I was applying for a job
t_collection  c_resource  icon  pocketChip 
2 days ago by EsbenH
Houston pension bill moves ahead, despite flaws - Jon Cassidy, Watchdog.org
Of course, that’s what got Houston into its present mess: the unwillingness of its leaders to pay the pension contributions due every year. For 17 years, they’ve been financing it through debt.
BHnews  Houston  PubliusTX  bhlinks  Tweet  fb  icon 
2 days ago by PubliusTX

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