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Simple Icons
SVG icons for popular brands.
icon  svg  icons 
23 hours ago by tedw
Simple Icons
SVG icons for popular brands
free  icon  icons  svg  webdesign 
2 days ago by czj
Apply Pixels – Industry Standard Design Tools
Industry Standard Design Tools

Downloadable evolving Icon & UI templates to supercharge your design workflow
design  icon  ui  template  app  guide  free 
3 days ago by javajunky
Font Awesome Icons
A list of all font awesome icons (used in TYPO3)
font  icon  collection  cms 
3 days ago by edzard
구글 오토 드로우
icon  draw  vector 
5 days ago by jjinz84
A growing collection of free city-based icon sets
Free  Picture  Icon  City 
6 days ago by FreemanZY

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