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David on Twitter: "@daringfireball I love this and I too wish I could go all in on iCloud Drive (assuming I can convince my wife to move everything we have in DB) but my main hesitation is that Dropbox has rewind so I don't worry about something being acc
(Yeah, this is a fair point if you might get to considering Dropbox alternatives:)

“I love this and I too wish I could go all in on iCloud Drive (assuming I can convince my wife to move everything we have in DB) but my main hesitation is that Dropbox has rewind so I don’t worry about something being accidentally deleted and gone forever. Wish iCloud had that.”
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6 hours ago by handcoding
About iCloud Music Library icons and status - Apple Support
Turn on the iCloud Download and iCloud Status columns in iTunes on a Mac or PC to learn more about your songs, and learn what it means if your songs appear in gray text.
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5 days ago by kevinma
Trick für die , wenn man alles darin speichert: Absolut wichtige Ordner, die auch bei Internet-Wegfall lokal…
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8 days ago by homofaber
How I Dropped Dropbox + Subtraction.com
There are so many Dropbox integrations available that the service seems essential, or at least difficult to imagine doing without. Over the years I’ve hooked numerous apps and services into my Dropbox account, which is why I started paying for the professional plan seven years ago. And yet each year, at renewal time, I think a bit more deeply about the question of whether Dropbox is in fact so indispensable. This is the very boring story of how I came to realize that it’s not.
It’s no secret that online storage has become more and more common, but I was still taken aback a bit when I recently took accounting of all the places where I have access to at least a terabyte or more of it: iCloud Drive, where I also have all of our family photos, and Google Drive, where I have my email and office productivity, are the most prominent examples. But I also have backup storage on my Synology NAS, and “cold storage” that I’ve set up on Amazon S3 Glacier. And those are just the options that I pay for myself; at work I can store files on Microsoft OneDrive and even on an enterprise version of Dropbox.
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13 days ago by rgl7194
has publicly acknowledged third-party contributors to its service, including and .…
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25 days ago by soundsgood
How to free up storage space on your Mac
macOS Sierra and later can save space by storing your content in the cloud. And new tools make it easy to find and remove large or unneeded files.
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25 days ago by mattsaler
Add your Desktop and Documents files to iCloud Drive
Now you can get the files from your Mac Desktop and your Documents folder on all of your devices with iCloud Drive.
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25 days ago by mattsaler
Use TripMode to press pause and conserve data on iCloud and other sync over a cellular hotspot | Macworld
It’s a handy way to prevent running through your hotspot data allowance at a venue or connected to your cell account, keeping within your overall cellular data pool, or not overwhelming a Wi-Fi location’s limited connection or where they ask you to keep data usage down.

But for iCloud and other sync and backup services, it might be the only reasonable way available to throttle automatic data transfers.
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26 days ago by Michael.Massing
Host your git repositories on iCloud
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27 days ago by raygrasso

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