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Daddy - [bleach fanfic]
Ichigo swallows several pills Grimmjow drops from a bottle as they duel, & shrinks into a child. As punishment, Aizen makes Ichigo Grimmjow's liability. A heated battle for possession of little Ichigo between Shinigami & Espada begins. word count: 60K
father-son-relationship  fic  de-aged!ichigo  superfamily  protective!grimmjow  ichigo-kurosaki  fanfiction  au  bleach  father!grimmjow  family  grimmjow  de-aged  complete-cast  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Just Rewards - dracoqueen22 - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
-It may not have been what Ichigo pictured for himself, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. (Just Rewards) -This is his punishment, but somehow, Gin feels more like it’s the reward. (The prequel to Just Rewards)
gin/ichigo  fic  slash  post-winter-war  adult  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  romance  fanfiction  established-relationship  bleach  hot  nc-17  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Moonlight - [bleach fanfic]
Sequel to 'My Prey'. Ichimaru decides to take a little vacation to the Kurosaki family house for some fun but how long will he be able to stay without the shinigamis or Aizen finding out? Ichimaru/Ichigo
gin/ichigo  bottom!ichigo  fic  bleach  humour  wip  nc-17  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  romance  first-time  fanfiction  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Mangaka - [bleach fanfic]
Years after the war, powerless and abandoned, Ichigo discovers an old enemy has made a new life. word count: 5,000
gin/ichigo  bottom!ichigo  fic  angst  slash  bleach  nc-17  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  drama  romance  fanfiction  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Cerulean Skies - [bleach fanfic]
I'm dying, these feelings are suffocating me, I'm drowing and can't find air...dreaming of clear cerulean skies. IchiAiz... read to ch 12
fic  Aizen-sousuke  ishida  slash  mpreg  AiIchi  wip  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  fanfiction  angst  bleach  kidnapping  Aizen/Ichigo  nc-17  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Husband to None and Father of One - [bleach fanfic]
With Rukia's execution halted, the Karakura gang breathed a sigh of relief, only to reel back in horror as the true mastermind has finally made his move. Why is Aizen so interested in the Substitute in the first place? As chaos runs free, only time will tell. AU after Rukia's execution.
fic  reincarnation  Aizen-sousuke  father-son-relationship  gen  wip  ichigo-kurosaki  fanfiction  au  amazing  bleach  family  lovely  father!aizen  favourite  complete-cast  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Mind Games - [bleach fanfic]
A serial killer known as 15 has an obsession with a young detective Ichigo. 15 wants to play mind games and drive Ichigo over the edge before consuming him completely. Ichigo wants 15 strapped to a table with a needle in his arm. READ WITH CAUTION PLEASE! word count: 40,000
gin/ichigo  fic  murder  graphic  slash  characterdeath  violence  ichigo-kurosaki  adult  ichimaru-gin  child-abuse  fanfiction  bottom!ichigo  dissociative-identity  bleach  kidnapping  author:constantsnow  nc-17  horror  mental-illness  rape  torture  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
These Melodies - [bleach fanfic]
Companion piece to ‘Written Notes’. In this place that is too white and much too silent, Kurosaki Ichigo finds solace in music and melodies as he loses the abilities to track time and to judge what is right and wrong. Set in the distant future, AizenIchi. word count: 30,000?
fic  Aizen-sousuke  slash  nel  AiIchi  ichigo-kurosaki  hurt/comfort  Ulquiorra  fanfiction  au  amazing  love  amnesia  haunting  childlike!ichigo  bleach  Aizen/Ichigo  futurefic  friendship  grimmjow  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Lovelock - [bleach fanfic]
Ichigo is pushed into gatecrashing a fancy party by his roommates. While trying to escape, he is delayed by a charming stranger, with whom he almost instantly connects with. AU. AizenXIchigo. word count: 140,000
fic  Aizen-sousuke  slash  violence  AiIchi  human-au  ichigo-kurosaki  adult  hurt/comfort  romance  fanfiction  shinji  love  bleach  Aizen/Ichigo  lovely  nc-17  attempted-murder  first-time  complete-cast  from delicious
march 2013 by jumpmybones
Heavenly Light - [bleach fanfic]
AU: Ichigo was a person who appreciated honesty more than anything. He despised secrets and lies, because all they did was harm innocent people and a web of lies is what he soon finds and the only one with answers: Aizen. current word count: 70,000
bad!soul-society  Aizen-sousuke  fic  good!aizen  slash  AiIchi  powerful!ichigo  ichigo-kurosaki  romance  fanfiction  au  amazing  love  Aizen/Ichigo  nc-17  complete-cast  from delicious
february 2013 by jumpmybones
Cherry Lips - [bleach fanfic]
AizenxIchigo yaoi AU Ichigo's friends make him cross dress for the sake of cheap booze. A Yakuza, Sousuke Aizen, sees Ichigo and thinks he is a woman. He asks him out on a date which Ichigo is forced to accept. word count: 25,000
author:BonneNuit  fic  Aizen-sousuke  yakuza!aizen  slash  possessive!aizen  AiIchi  human-au  crossdressing  adult  ichigo-kurosaki  romance  fanfiction  au  bottom!ichigo  love  bleach  Aizen/Ichigo  nc-17  from delicious
february 2013 by jumpmybones
The replacement captain: Ichigo Kurosaki - [bleach fanfic]
Two years post-winter war, Ichigo Kurosaki finally recovers his lost powers as a shinigami, however the return of his powers does not go unnoticed by the soul-society.
fic  post-winter-war  violence  nelliel  wip  powerful!ichigo  ichigo-kurosaki  long  romance  fanfiction  bleach  rukia  family  nc-17  rukia/Ichigo  complete-cast  captain!ichigo  from delicious
february 2013 by jumpmybones
To be a King once more, - [bleach fanfic]
AU - What if, after the Winter War, it is not the Soul Reapers that restore Ichigo's powers, but Ichimaru and the surviving Espada?
fic  bleach  post-winter-war  arrancar  wip  ichigo-kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  fanfiction  complete-cast  captain!ichigo  from delicious
february 2013 by jumpmybones
My Inspiration - [bleach fanfic]
An AU where Ichigo is a writing assistant working for famous, bad-ass novelist Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.CH.21: To Ichigo Kurosaki. My Love. My life. My Inspiration.
grimmjow/ichigo  fic  author:confusion-no-hime  grimmichi  slash  ichigo-kurosaki  adult  romance  fanfiction  au  love  bottom!ichigo  get-together  bleach  nc-17  grimmjow  to-read  first-time  attempted-murder  pining  from delicious
january 2013 by jumpmybones
Ocean [bleach- byakuya/Ichigo]
Their love was like an ocean. They had loved, and grieved, and fought, and won. But they had lost their reason to live along the way. Now, they have found one again. Each other. The Soul Society is witness to a quiet love story. Ichigo/Byakuya. Post-war.

word count: 4,000
lovely  get-together  developing-relationship  friendship  author:Tango-Dancer  hurt/comfort  romance  Ulquiorra  soul-society  Ichigo-Kurosaki  captain!ichigo  post-war  post-winter-war  from delicious
january 2013 by jumpmybones
His Pride - [bleach]
Byakuya saves Ichigo from a near fatal attack and later finds himself on a mission to protect his pride. It all starts with a dream...

word count: 90,000 approx
get-together  drama  adult  nc-17  byakuya/ichigo  byakuya-kuchiki  Ichigo-Kurosaki  author:Ayame99  complete-cast  fighting  violence  injury  first-time  love  romance  bleach  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013 by jumpmybones
Return To Innocence - [bleach]
Ichigo dies in the World of the Living. Upon arrival in the Soul Society, he learns that he has regressed physically back into a child. With the mindset of a 5 year old, he turns to an unlikely person for help and protection. Ichigo/Byakuya Story.
parental!byakuya  fanfiction  fic  lovely  wip  bleach  rukia  renji  Ichigo-Kurosaki  soul-society  fighting  young!ichigo  friendship  de-aged  pg-13  author:Krynnalexia  from delicious
january 2013 by jumpmybones
To Love A Little Ichigo - [bleach]
After drinking something from the twelfth division Ichigo has turned nine again! That's not the only problem, he has to stay in Byakuya Kuchiki's manor! Even Byakuya has a problem of his own, that's falling for the little guy!
long  wip  rukia  bleach  author:ShadowWolf-XIII  byakuya-kuchiki  friendship  love  soul-society  Ichigo-Kurosaki  young!ichigo  de-aged  nc-17  humour  romance  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013 by jumpmybones
Minutes to Midnight - [bleach]
Eventual Gin/Ichigo. Sequel to Falling Inside the Black. Ichigo adjusts to life in Hueco Mundo and slowly finds the path he wants to take. AU after Chapter 295.
lovely  urahara  long  author:Dracoqueen22  friendship  starrk(coyote)  vizard!ichigo  first-time  adult  nc-17  gin/ichigo  Ichigo-Kurosaki  ichimaru-gin  aizen  bleach  au  love  romance  fighting  violence  complete-cast  good!aizen  slash  fanfiction  fic  from delicious
january 2013 by jumpmybones

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