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Kvasir - Wikipedia
The same root kvas- may also be related to kvass, a fermented drink of the Slavic peoples.[7][8][10][11][12][13] The common Slavic word stems from Proto-Slavic *kvasъ ("leaven", "fermented drink") and ultimately from Proto-Indo-European base kwat.[14] This etymological connection, as considered by some scholars (Alexander Afanasyev,[11] Richard Heinzel,[12] Jooseppi Julius Mikkola,[13] Georges Dumézil,[10] et al.) is motivated by the consideration of kvasir as a personification of fermented beverages.
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A sublime search for the ancient sagas in Iceland | The Independent
The sagas' subject matter is high protein: lust and love, outlawry, bloodshed, politicking and trickery, Viking voyages of looting and exploration, supernatural encounters, battles and vendettas.

Equally striking to a modern reader is their degree of narrative sophistication – the anonymous authors (moonlighting monks is a logical guess) deploy multiple points of view, chapters ending on cliff-hangers, bon mots, flashbacks and foreshadowing, metalapsis, and the cunning manipulation of the reader's expectations.

Absent from the sagas, however, are descriptions of landscapes, weather, interiors. The novelistic tendency to record such things lay in the far future – the sagas' audiences were drearily familiar with such detail, so why waste the vellum?
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Today we had lunch at Friðheimar, our favorite restaurant in . It’s located inside of a greenhouse powered…
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elisehunchuck [Elise Misao Hunchuck]

"what a rare pleasure, listening 2 @elisehunchuck presenting her research on an incomplete atlas of stones: ‘Trangressions & Regressions’ @tudelft #ULWeek2018

“stones help us understand how the earth moves”—@elisehunchuck"]

"Elise Hunchuck (b. Toronto) is a Berlin based researcher and designer with degrees in landscape architecture, philosophy, and geography whose work focuses on bringing together fieldwork and design through collaborative practices of observation, care, and coordination. Facilitating multidisciplinary exchanges between teaching and representational methods as a way to further develop landscape-oriented research methodologies at multiple scales, her research develops cartographic, photographic, and text-based practices to explore and communicate the agency of disasters through the continual configuring and reconfiguring of infrastructures of risk, including memorials, monuments, and coastal defense structures.

A University Olmsted Scholar, Elise was recently a finalist for the 2017 Maeder-York Landscape Fellowship at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Cambridge, US) and a research fellow with the Landscape Architecture Foundation (Washington DC, US). Her writing has appeared in The Funambulist and her research has been featured on BLDGBLOG. She has taught representational history and methods in the graduate architecture, landscape, and urban design departments at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto (Toronto, CA) and has been an invited critic in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the architecture, landscape, and urban design departments at the Daniels Faculty and the School of Architecture at Waterloo.

Elise is also a member of the editorial board of Scapegoat Journal: Architecture / Landscape / Political Economy.

For general enquiries, commissions, or collaborations, please contact directly via email at elisehunchuck [at] gmail [dot] com."

[See also:

"An Incomplete Atlas of Stones"

"Warnings Along the Inundation Line"

"Century Old Warnings Against Tsunamis Dot Japan's Coastline"

"How Century Old Tsunami Stones Saved Lives in the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011" ]
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Have you been to or is it still on your bucket list?
There are so many amazing destinations!…
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Places to see based off Aug 14 2018 visit.
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