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Apache Iceberg (incubating)
Coming to presto soon apparently....
Iceberg tracks individual data files in a table instead of directories. This allows writers to create data files in-place and only adds files to the table in an explicit commit.

Table state is maintained in metadata files. All changes to table state create a new metadata file and replace the old metadata with an atomic operation. The table metadata file tracks the table schema, partitioning config, other properties, and snapshots of the table contents.

The atomic transitions from one table metadata file to the next provide snapshot isolation. Readers use the latest table state (snapshot) that was current when they load the table metadata and are not affected by changes until they refresh and pick up a new metadata location.

excellent -- this will let me obsolete so much of our own code :)
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9 weeks ago by jm
A huge iceberg with straight sides has been found in Antarctica by NASA's survey.

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october 2018 by brokenrhino
Two Luxembourgs, 10 Madrids, one Delaware: How a giant iceberg in Antarctica is described around the world — Quartz
As news traveled around the world that one of the largest icebergs ever observed had finally broken off from Antarctica, reporters were faced with a question of scale. Few among us can visualize just how large a 2,200 square-mile (5,698 square-kilometer) hunk of ice really is, so they had to come up with a reference their readers might recognize.
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july 2017 by JohnDrake

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