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5 days ago by jonCates
Children as bait
ICE arresting people who came forward to take care of children orphaned by ICE
ice  immigration  politics  atrocity  outrage  children 
5 days ago by nelson
“Below the Surface of ICE: The Corporations Profiting From Immigrant Detention”, by David Dayen for In These Times
Going after ICE contractors’ cash flow indicates a new direction in activist organizing since the Trump administration began its controversial family separation policy. ICE relies on private contractors to carry out its detention operations, so one way to abolish ICE might be to make its association so toxic that it loses its collaborators.
corporations  ice  immigration  abolishice  capitalism  ethics 
5 days ago by beep
ICE interrogating children
Kids asked if they have family in the US; then the family is arrested
ice  immigration  politics  trump  republicans  gop  humanrights 
12 days ago by nelson

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