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Los Angeles Accuses Weather Channel App of Covertly Mining User Data - The New York Times
The government said the Weather Company, the business behind the app, unfairly manipulated users into turning on location tracking by implying that the information would be used only to localize weather reports. Yet the company, which is owned by IBM, also used the data for unrelated commercial purposes, like targeted marketing and analysis for hedge funds, according to the lawsuit.
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8 days ago by corrickwales
Photos: From the first PCs to the ThinkPad – classic IBM machines | ZDNet
On the occasion of ThinkPad's 25th birthday, we recall some of IBM's best known creations: from the Selectric typewriter to the IBM PC to the ico...
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11 days ago by tonys
IBM at CES 2019 outlines Q System One quantum computer | ZDNet
The Q System One has a modular design and parts designed to minimize interference. IBM's plan is to start scaling quantum computational center.
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11 days ago by tonys

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