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Microsoft’s Monopoly Hangover – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Astute analysis comparing Microsoft and IBM. Specifically, Lou Gerstner's turnaround of IBM in the 90's. Quotes Gerstner's book, "Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?"
microsoft  ibm  strategy  business  monopoly 
yesterday by jefframnani
Introducing Blue Demos - IBM Cloud Sales Blog - IBM Cloud Sales
Blue Demos is designed to be your single source of truth for all demo needs, regardless of whether that’s a video, simulated, VM-based, Bluemix or other hosted demonstration. More specifically, this new tool set can help our field-facing IBMers and business partners find demo assets to leverage during conversations with our clients. Blue Demos also addresses several shortcomings of our existing tools, and includes many new features such as:

Mobile friendly, modern UI
Netflix-like landing page to easily find latest relevant assets
Multi-factor filtering and elastic search to find the assets you need
Native access control (IBMers, BPs, and customers) with IBMID integration
Built-in provisioning request process for Skytap and Cloud Concierge hosted assets
ibm  blue  demos  bluemix  cloud  community 
2 days ago by dave.nightingale
To battle hackers, IBM wants to encrypt the world - The Washington Post
“This is the turning point. The idea here is that you can start to encrypt all data,” said Mauri. But even as IBM makes encrypting everything a priority, security experts like Mauri already have their eyes set on the next holy grail: the ability to securely edit and manipulate encrypted files without ever having to decrypt them in the first place.
ibm  security 
2 days ago by jasonsamuels
Designing a chatbot dialogue with young girls in Philadelphia
designthinking  ibm  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by raydelapena
ibm websphere maven plugin
needs local was install??? argh!!!
2 days ago by jojobong
IBM’s Watson Won Jeopardy! But Can It Win the New AI Biz? | WIRED
IN RETROSPECT, THERE was much more at stake than a mere $1 million when IBM’s Watson computer faced off against two Jeopardy! champions back in 2011. The bot’s victory gave Big Blue a shot at conjuring up a new line of business at the perfect possible moment. A series of advances in image and speech recognition was about to trigger a frenzy of investment and excitement about the moneymaking potential of artificial intelligence.
Six years later, it’s fair to ask whether that plan could have been better executed. IBM today is even more urgently in need of new business, with quarterly results released earlier this week showing that revenue has declined for 21 consecutive quarters. CEO Ginny Rommety has made a habit of talking about Watson as a kind of savior, and the company declared this week that this part of the business is growing. But IBM won’t release details on Watson’s financial performance, and skeptics abound. Last week, investment bank Jefferies released a report warning shareholders not to expect IBM’s investments in AI to repay themselves; Watson, it said, risks being eclipsed by competing AI platforms from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.
IBM  IBMWatson  artificialintelligence  machinelearning  review  critique  Wired  2017 
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