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Mapping Experiences - Workshop Presentation
In case you missed my workshops at the #OReillyDesign conference or #IASummit, here are the slides:
– Jim Kalbach (JimKalbach) http://twitter.com/JimKalbach/status/846398661139431424
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march 2017 by danielameleo
Mural - Mural
RT : Hey IA Summit peeps! Don't forget that you get 30 days free with . Just sign up
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march 2017 by luxux
Look what I got for asking a question :) - great talk by
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november 2016 by leisa
RT : This brilliant diagram created by back at the very first makes even more sense today.
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february 2016 by robsog
All the slides (and more) from IASummit 2014 — Information Architecture — Medium
If you couldn't make it to San Diego, here all the slides (and more) from 2014. Enjoy:
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april 2014 by enzus
Evernote shared notebook:
Fred's amazing notes from IxD14 and IASummit
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april 2014 by pnts

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