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A Vision Too Removed To Mention - pocky_slash - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
On the eighth loop, Ianto decides to take a break.
He's been working for Torchwood since he was nineteen years old. He's lived through Canary Wharf and Lisa's death and Jack's execution and disappearance. He thought he could live through anything, but he underestimated how efficient Torchwood could be at breaking his heart.
He doesn't go to Torchwood the morning of the eighth loop. He goes to a coffee shop instead. He orders a coffee and a breakfast sandwich and he sits staring out the window at the bustling streets, at the morning shoppers, at the suits on their way to work. He swallows past the sharp ache in his chest, the sudden painful realization that he's not a part of that world, that he's not a part of this world at all, that if Torchwood won't have him and the world at large won't have him, he's truly an outsider, a distant ghost.
He swallows the pain with a mouthful of tasteless eggs and soggy bacon.

In which Ianto is stuck in a time loop that feels more like hell.
fic  Torchwood  IantoJones  pocky_slash 
april 2016 by adanska
Club Wales - pocky_slash - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
In the wake of Jack's disappearance, Gwen finds comfort in a new friendship with Ianto. Gossip, bonding, and other hijinks of understanding ensue.
fic  Torchwood  GwenCooper  IantoJones  Gwen/Rhys  Ianto/Jack  pocky_slash 
december 2015 by adanska
A Ring in the Black Sea [by basingstoke], NC-17
The crossover where Jack Harkness (in the TW S1-2 hatus) is given the unique opportunity to father Teyla Emmagan's child.
sga-fic  Torchwood!fic  *crossover  TeylaEmmagan  JackHarkness  RodneyMcKay  RononDex  JohnSheppard  IantoJones  *anthropology  *hc  *friendship  °basingstoke 
september 2015 by mayachain
Never Have I Ever - st_aurafina - Doctor Who (2005), Torchwood, Iron Man (Movieverse) [Archive of Our Own]
Ianto, Donna and Pepper end up at a secretaries'/assistants' conference and have a conversation about their bosses.
fic  DrWho  Torchwood  Marvel  IronMan  movieverse  PepperPotts  DonnaNoble  IantoJones  st_aurafina  ! 
march 2015 by adanska
Surviving the Cut - snowdarkred - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Lisa Hallett survives the Battle of Canary Wharf with her humanity intact, Ianto Jones is scarred forever, and Captain Jack Harkness is a little too fascinated by the two people sent to take over Torchwood Three.
fic  Torchwood  LisaHallett  IantoJones  JackHarkness  Ianto/Lisa  Ianto/Jack  Jack/Lisa/Ianto  snowdarkred  au 
january 2015 by adanska
Come Home by copperbadge
Jack saves Ianto, sending them both into the past to become Bucky's parents
fandom  fanfic  crossover  avengers  torchwood  jackharkness  iantojones  steverogers  jackharkness/iantojones 
december 2014 by jcalanthe
Price by copperbadge
Threesomes, one of Torchwood's coping strategies & bonding activities
fandom  fanfic  torchwood  iantojones  jackharkness  gwencooper  gwencooper/iantojones/jackharkness 
november 2014 by jcalanthe
I Do Not Speak Tumblr, The one where Bucky is Jack and Ianto's son
When Jack began to walk the earth after Ianto and Steven died, it wasn’t purposeless. He went seeking, and one day he found what he needed.
fic  Torchwood  Marvel  CaptainAmerica  movieverse  Ianto/Jack  JackHarkness  IantoJones  BuckyBarnes  sam_storyteller  fusion  xover  au 
may 2014 by adanska
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies, or, A Humourous Interlude Between Epics
Ianto neglected to introduce himself as he informed the senior staff that Atlantis was now under the jurisdiction of Torchwood, whatever Torchwood is.
Torchwood  StargateAtlantis  00-03  Gen  Crack  humor  IantoJones  Author:copperbadge 
september 2013 by LilyC
Guard Them, and Him Within - Etharei - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Ianto Jones finds himself far from home. But there are guns, aliens, and more Strange Happenings than one can shake a stick at, so sometimes it’s like he hasn’t left. Of stories within stories, and the adventures of small characters.
fic  Torchwood  IantoJones  Ianto/Jack  Etharei  space 
may 2013 by adanska
The Long Game
Ianto had known Torchwood's retirement policy since the first day he started in London: twenty years and a gold watch, or...less...and a little white pill. And he wanted out
AlternateUniverse  IantoJones  Torchwood  PG13  NoPairing 
march 2013 by Logical-Nonsense
Tear Filled Trails of Blood
Owen and Ianto never get along. The others think its just for stupid reasons. But the boys know better. They know exactly why they don't get along, and they refuse to change it. But now their secrets have put the whole team's future in jeopardy.
OwenHarper  IantoJones  Angst  Drama  AlternateUniverse  Torchwood  General  R-Rated 
march 2013 by Logical-Nonsense
Handler [copperbadge]
There are some staff changes going on at SHIELD.
fic  crossover  gen  avengers  torchwood  ensemble  iantojones  <3  copperbadge  ao3  wc1:1-2500 
december 2012 by ainsley
Never Have I Ever by st aurafina
ianto, donna, and pepper meet at a conference for assistants
fandom  fanfic  crossover  doctorwho  avengers  torchwood  pepperpotts  iantojones  donnanoble 
march 2012 by jcalanthe

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