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Everyday Information Architecture — Auditing for Structure (A List Apart)
A List Apart выпустили в апреле 2019 книгу Lisa Maria Martin «Everyday Information Architecture» — https://abookapart.com/products/everyday-information-architecture. Они публикуют отрывок из главы 4.
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yesterday by jvetrau
Everyday Information Architecture: Auditing for Structure – A List Apart
Get the fastest deployments in UI/UX, with speed that blows developers away. From static websites to WordPress to Kubernetes—whatever you do, Buddy’s got your back. Enter the structural audit: a review of the site focused solely on its menus, links, flows, and hierarchies.
yesterday by richardsison
Everyday Information Architecture: Auditing for Structure
Just as we need to understand our content before we can recategorize it, we need to understand the system before we try to rebuild it. Knowing which links to follow, which to record, and how best to untangle structural confusion—that improves with time and experience. Performing structural audits will not only teach you about your current site, but will help you develop fluency in systems thinking—a boon when it comes time to document the new site.
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4 days ago by josephaleo
AI developed a whole new sport
"Speedgate", un sport conçu par une IA ?!!
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6 days ago by jflachap
Google employees are lining up to trash Google’s AI ethics council - MIT Technology Review
composition du comité éthique de Google sur l'IA serait très contestée...
20 days ago by jflachap
RT : Free webinar on 4/3.
Learn how well built taxonomies can provide direct and actionable insights into analytics…
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